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Monday, April 21, 2014

bought a bike for her

I have about four nieces and 3 nephews in the Philippines. Whenever one of them talk to me online, they usually ask for a present. Last time I bought two of my niece a cellphone and the rest, I just sent money for them that way they can buy new clothes and shoes for their school. This time, one of my niece ask for a bike instead of cellphone because she broke the cellphone we bought her last time, it feel in the water and it wont work anymore. Its not her fault though but still, its her responsibility to taking care of it. Its been couple months since she's been asking for another present, she always feel jealous in one of her cousin, she thinks, we favor her much than her. But honestly, we dont do any favor to all of them. I told them I can't please them all and I cant afford to buy expensive things for them especially whenever they ask for it. If i have a lot of money, I will absolutely buy anything they want, but we have tons of bills to pay and my kids also have needs and I can't give anything they want if they ask for it. This morning, we decided to send my family an extra allowance and buy her a bike that she likes. Hope this makes her happy, next time I'll buy something for my other 2 nephews, they just need to be patience and wait til we have enough extra money to share.

contract disputes

I work before in a small company and we never had problem with our customers and clients. I also never sign any contracts when I started working. Some of my friends does, when they apply a job, they usually end up signing a contract which is they can work for a year or two or maybe for 6 months. I never heard anyone of them having a problem with their contract but its hard for them to find another job after their working contract is over. Anyhow, talking about contract, have you experience contract disputes matters? Are you involved with this or are you looking for a lawyer to resolve this case? Then look no further, might help you find the right lawyer for this case. You might like to check their website and see if they are located near you.

Its been a while

It's been awhile I didn't update this blog. I am kind a lazy to update it. Last 2 months I am involve in a pionerring in our congregation and I really enjoy it a lot. I also try to spend less in my computer and go out more on service with our fellow brothers and sisters. Kind a busy spending time with my family. Its nice to be back! Blogging is kind a slow this past couple weeks, not so much assignment coming in and I dont know what to post anymore. But this time, I'll try to keep this blog updated and hopefully I can start earning money again through blogging. So happy blogging everyone and have a great day!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

he remembers...

My son was asking if when we will go back to Michigan. Daddy says, why? He just remember the time when we went to see the zoo, at the lake, to see the boat, the shopping experience we had, the time we spend at his grandma’s house and of course when we visit my husband’s younger brother. That time he showed us his drum set and he was pretty amazed how loud the drums can play. They had fun playing with it for a while and good thing they had the drum set at their basement. Now he wanted to have a drum set too and will see how it goes, we don’t have a basement here and we don’t want to make a lot of noise here in the house. So maybe will get other instrument that will interest him.

Singing "let it go" from the Frozen Movie

It's so amazed how this young kid can easily memorize songs especially if they hear the songs many times. Like my 5 year old daughter, after she watch the movie Frozen, she started to like the "Let It Go" song, he want to see it over and over again. Wherever we go, she always sing that song and it was so adorable. So i took a video of her last night, i still need to download it that way I can show it to her two Grandma's. I am sure they would love it!

lasers and strobes

To all DJ out there, I’m sure you are familiar on this laser and strobe. I just want to share this great laser and strobes sale that I found online at musicians friend. A friend told me about it and since I have a friend who are a DJ, I also recommend this to him and hope he will like it. They have pretty good deal on all their lasers and strobes and the reviews have four to five stars so this is highly recommended. So if you are looking for one of this, you might like to check it out and see if you find the one that you are looking for.

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Free Gift from kitsylane!

Isn't this a beautiful necklace? I got this as a free gift from my femikey online boutique dot kitsylane dot com! Thanks kitsylane for this free gift! they are absolutely gorgeous. I receive the package yesterday and I am so thankful for it. This is very lovely and I can wear this necklace this spring and summer! Love it! thanks!

movado bold watch

I have couple of watch that I wear but not all the time. I have one that I always wear when I attend party or a meeting but when I go to the store or walk around the mall, I don’t wear watch. I like to search watch online too and last time I came across this website at and I saw this Reeds for Movado bold watch collection and they are so awesome! I like their movado bold special edition BCRF watch that has purple trim inside. They are simple yet very elegant kind of watch specially that movado bold mid-sized gold tone crystal accent bracelet watch. That’s the kind of watch I will wear on any occasion! How about you? What kind of movado bold watch you like the best?

Reading at Night...

Reading almost every night help my 4 year old daughter to learn how to read. I can't believe she can read her favorite book now. She memorize every word on that book. She has more than 4 books that she always read every night and whenever we lay down on bed at night, she complains that she will not go to bed unless we read her a book. It was nice that she take interest to read books and she also love her homeschool the abcmouse. She is so excited that she will be in school this Fall! She will be in kindergarten and I'm so happy for her. She's growing fast and hope she will enjoy being in school. I am sure she will! :-)

kids tuxedos

We went to Pueblo last week to pick up my husband’s motorcycle but before we did that we stop by at the mall to buy some few things for the kids. I was looking for a toddler dress for my baby girl and a meeting clothes for my 8 year old son. My kids grown up so fast and even my son tuxedos wont fit him anymore. We also look kids tuxedos at the mall but we didn’t find the one on my son’s size. I am checking them online too and see if I can find tuxedos for my son and hopefully I can find the one I like before March. We will have our assembly on March and having a nice tuxedos for my son would be nice and of course a pretty dress for me and for my daughter would be great too.