Tuesday, March 28, 2017

From Long Hair to Short Hair...

She just had her new haircut! She choose to have a short haircut. So here she is! She looks like a grown up little girl. She just turn 8 and she loves her new haircut! So adorable!

AKG Headphones

Well, this morning I was very surprised because our dog got hold of one of our headphones. My daughter woke up crying because she really like that headphones. One of her favorite because its very comfortable and she likes the color in it. Now we need to buy her a new one, just wondering what type of headphones will get this time? Maybe just to get her a regular one? or maybe the akg at I saw some of the akg headphones and they seems pretty have a good one that we like. Looks like a headphones for professional type but this will work for anything right? Just like this AKG K52 headphones for $39.99. Not bad for the price and its a good quality headphones. So will see this weekend. We might order it online or just go to the nearest store. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Met her two interactive toys (Hatchimals Penguala and Furby)

She made a video of her two favorite interactive toy. Her Furby and LaLa or Lilu(Penguala Hatchimals). She also introduce two of our dogs, cats and Guinea Pig. She loves animals! Of course her brother loves his  new toy too the "Lego and Hotwheels Race Track".

Hatchimals hatching...

There she is, she's hatching now! Dana can't wait to let her out on her egg. She name her "LiLu". 

Dana got her hatchimals!

Happy girl! Got her favorite toy that she's been wanting to get. It's her first Hatchimals! She likes draggle but she decided to get the Penguala. She taught Penguala is more cuter. Its a fun toy! 

4 string banjo

This past few weeks, my daughter always says that she want's to play banjo. I still don't get it because I never heard banjo before. She said, she play banjo at the school and she wanted to learn it. So, I ask my husband what is banjo and he said it looks like a guitar but its round and the handle is long and it has different sounds than the guitar. Because of curiosity I look it up online and now I know what banjo looks like. While I'm browsing online I bumped to this website at "The Hub", then they have an article about 4 string banjo, banjo: how to choose. Its kind a very interesting article. They have all the answers for this questions: banjo playing techniques, how much should i figure on paying, the history of banjo and so on. But the one caught my attention is the modern banjo types, the 4 string, 5 string, 6 string and the hybrid banjos. So I thought, what's the difference between those type of strings? do they have different sounds? Very interesting to know. In case will going to get banjo for my daughter, this articles is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dana's Clay Artwork...

Our daughter was 7 years old and this is what she did! She made a dinosaur with a little girl and a dragon head human made out of clay. I'm not sure what it was but she did pretty good. I help her a little bit with the dinosaur and she was happy with it. Something for her to do for her art lesson. We bought her clay to play with. Its not like the cheap clay you can buy at the store but its a real clay that most people use to make sculpture. 

Our 11th Anniversary Photos...

Here's our family anniversary photos. Taken December 19, 2016. It's our 11th year Anniversary. It went by so fast! We did it our own instead of going to the studio. It turns out really nice though and I really love this picture! I'm always thankful for having such a wonderful family. :-)

Sledding with friends!

This photo was taken December 31, 2016. Right before the year 2017 :-) It was fun! we got perfect temperature to go sledding with friends! We invited couple people but only 2 of them showed up so it was okay. They are one of our close friend. The daughter is like part of our family. She is a good friend of our kids. She likes to spend time with us and to play with my 2 kids. She had great family and we love them. It's nice to spend time with them that time. We had a blast! One of the great memory we will always remember :-)

He just turn 11!

Time went by so fast! This little boy here just turn 11 couple days ago on January 2nd. Her sister will turn 8 next month February 26th. My little ones are grown so fast! My husband and I just had our 11th Anniversary too last month. I feel like it just yesterday when it happens and now it was January 10. WOW! Hope this year is a great year for our family. Looking forward for our travel plans this year! So we need to start saving! :-)