Sunday, July 10, 2016

Goodbye to our 17 years old Pitbull - Cocao

Here's a memorial video of our beloved dog name COCOA, she's been with us for 17 years and she is the best dog that we could ever have. But we need to let her go because she is old and she is having hard time walking because her heart is swollen. We love her a lot and will always remember her through this video. Enjoy! 

Playing music with friends...

It was such a nice gathering last couple weeks, we are invited for a graduation party and then after couple days at weekends, we had another gathering where we need to bring food and just play music with friends! One time one of our friends talking about folk and traditional stringed instruments and one said about F-Style Mandolins and I don't have any idea what Mandolins are and what they look like and they said, its look like an acoustic guitar but its more traditional. So I ask my husband and he told me to look at my phone and see what Mandolins are so that's what I do and here I found this website at mandolin musicians friend and yes, they really look like a guitar. I never thought about that so I guess one of them played this type of instruments before. So if you are planning to buy Mandolins, look no further, just go to musicians friends and you will see what you are looking for!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Diana Ross Playground at the Central Park, New York

Kids got a chance to play for a while at Diana Ross Playground here at the Central Park. Its a nice playground! My kids love the swing and she met some new friends!

Velvedere Castle, Central Park NY

What can I say? Velvedere Castle is truly a nice place to hangout. Just the view is amazing. Velvedere Castle is very popular at Central Park. I saw a lot of couple come here and take pictures. There's a newlywed too that doing a photo shot here. Pretty interesting place. 

Big Rocks at the Central Park, New York!

After a long walk to see the American Museum of Natural History, we end up going to the Central Park! More walking and sight seeing! The kids love it though. They look tired and exhausted but they had fun climbing all those big rocks! The view is really nice, very green and you can really smell the fresh air. Very nice Park, lot of people walking and riding a bike. We are going to see the Velvedere Castle!

Theodore Roosevelt at American Museum of Natural History

Here some of our pictures with Theodore Roosevelt on it. I thought Theodore Roosevelt is riding a horse but it seems not! He is sitting in the front of the lobby at the first floor or maybe lower level? It takes us a while to see his statue but we end up at the lower level lobby when we are ready to head out at the Central Park. :-)

Beautiful little girl...

Love this picture a lot. She is such a pretty little girl! She just love to smell all the flowers. So i thought I could take a picture of her and it turn out pretty good! The flower matches in her dress! She will be look good as a model. Do you think? Well, this photo taken when we went to New York last May at the Watchtower Educational Center at Patterson New York.

Exhausted and tired at Patterson Bethel...

This is what the kids did after our tour at the Watchtower Education at Patterson Bethel New York. They didn't sleep enough that night because Dana got an ear infection from the plane flight but she did pretty good after! So cute isn't it? :-) Love this kids!

Kids after the MET Tour

Look who's tired? All the kids seems tired after the tour. They are all excited and try to find place to sit down. It was a really nice tour though. We learn a lot and kids got all their part! Thanks to brother Chris! He knows how to entertain this kids!

Friday, May 20, 2016

New York Hats for souvenirs!

I got Dana and myself a New York hat for souvenirs. Something to keep and remember our memorable trip in New York. Love it!