Sunday, November 15, 2015

Our little Pearly...

Here's our little Pearly. She is about 6 months old now. I noticed that she lose a lot of feathers this past couple weeks. I am not sure if its normal for her to lose feather. I think its just fell out itself when she grooms herself. I save most of her feathers, I am going to use it for my art project this week or maybe a couple of feather earrings. She is such a little sweetheart. She loves to be in my shoulder, that's the most comfortable place for her I guess. She likes things that are sparkle especially earrings. I'm glad we got her, she is part of our family  now and we love her a bunch! 

Dana's headstand

Look at my 6 year old daughter, she can do a headstand now without being in the wall. That was absolutely awesome, she can headstand for 10-15 seconds. It takes a lot of practice for her and she did it! She is such an athletic little girl :-) good job sweetie pie! 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sleeping on top of daddy...

This is such a sweet photo of my daughter and husband. They both sleeping and I thought I could take a photo of them as a remembrance. We're watching movie that night and suddenly they both very quiet so when I look at them, they are both sleeping already and my son still playing game in his tablet while me finishing the movie. :-)

Caleb and Sofia in our family worship project

These are the photos of the kids with their favorite characters in kids videos Caleb and Sofia. We made them out of cardboard last Saturday during our family worship and while were doing it, we're listening kingdom melody songs. That was such a peaceful and joyful time we did that night. The bottom picture was Liana, she's one of my kids friends that come over yesterday and she really like the Caleb and Sofia character we made and she wanted me to take a photos of her and send it to her mom to see. That was such an awesome day! 

At Parent teacher conference

Last Thursday, November 5th. We went for our kids Parent Teacher Conference. It was really nice, we get a lot of compliment with my two kids. One is in 4th grade and the other one is in first grade. My 4th grader son is a very smart kid, he got all A+ and his reading is already above 5th grader. The teacher ask us if its okay for us to let Dustin take a test for a "Gifted Child". They will test him and see how it goes. If he pass, he will be one of the gifted child at their school and it will help him in the long run when he goes to highschool and college I guess. He will get that scholarship but will see, we are not sure yet but we are not worry about it. We are happy of what he did and what he can do at school. He love school and he never make a complain about it and that is all that matters for us. His best is enough for us because we know that everyday he did his very best at school. My first grader daughter, she did pretty good too, she got all 3s and 4s. She did good in reading also so it makes us proud as a parent and because of that, we let them buy the books they like at the book fair and also we treat them to Sonic for dinner and they are so happy. We can see the happiness in their eyes and it was such a joy to see them feel that way. Love them both!... :-) 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Kids found a bunny outside the hotel!

Look what we found here! Its a bunny! We are staying at the Fairfield Marriot in Aurora couple weeks ago for our one day special Assembly and before we go in to our room, we found this little bunny. He was so cute! My daughter was pretty amazed to this bunny, we found two bunny actually before we got back after dinner. I bet there's couple of bunny around that visit the area and they are looking for food. It was pretty neat. So just thought I might share it here :-)

kids run for a smile at school

Every year, kids have this 'Run for a Smile' at school and of course parents are welcome to come and cheer on their kids. I always go for my two kids and I also run for them. I don't do it that much though, I ran 6 laps for my daughter and 2 laps for my son. I was pretty tired and my leg are sore for all the running. I told my son I can ran for him for couple times since I ran this morning for her sister. He said its okay I don't need to run with him, I can just cheer him and wait for him till they finish. It was pretty fun though. :-) They are both happy that i was there for them and that counts the most. 

Kids playing at the river

This photo taken couple weeks ago when we went to Creede and of course we don't want to miss to have lunch at Freemons and have ice cream. After we eat we walk around and look at the river and just enjoy the scenery. It was such a nice day! The view is absolutely  beautiful, it just started to change colors, so we are ready for the Fall and not looking forward for the winter! :-)

Novation new

While I was browsing instruments at guitar center, I bumped to this Novation New Circuit Groove. It looks similar as the one I saw when me and couple of my friends visit another musician friend. That was before way back when I was in my home town. It was pretty neat! When I noticed it, I ask him what is that for and he said, he is working with a new music and he made it from scratch out in his laptop and its pretty cool. You know when you are a musician, you can do anything when it comes to music. They can easily create music with such tools and he is a pretty amazing artist. We love to hear him sing and play his instruments, his pretty talented! So if you are looking for a Novation new online, stop by at guitar center, there you find a great deal for all their Novation Circuit Groove Box.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Pink cardboard mask - a swan and a flamingo

I love making mask with my kids, either made of duck tapes, cardboard or anything. I am making more mask for our upcoming arts and crafts gatherings with our little friends. That's going to be exciting and the kids are very excited about it. We will held it at our house since we have a big area in our backyard. So I'll keep you posted on our arts and crafts gatherings on my next post.