Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Two Wild Owl

This is pretty neat when we see two owl on top of the tree. We are at the ministry that afternoon and help one of the sister to get her spare key because her car is locked and she forgot the key inside the car. Its so hard to see them because they are blending to the tree (camouflage). My husband saw them first and the kids are so happy to see the owl up close. Its a nice picture too isn't it? ;-) 

Horse feeding

It was such a neat afternoon while we are in the ministry, we got a call from a sister that there car is locked, she forgot the key inside the car and her car automatically lock it itself. So I'm glad we called them that time and checked how they are doing and she never had my number. So we came to the rescue and get her spare key at their house and head out where they are. They went to one of our sister's house to fed their horses so the kids are so happy, they get a chance to pet the horses and fed them with hays. It was kind a neat and I'm glad we called them! I think Jehovah is really directing us and we help the sister that needs help on that moment. Guess what we see when we get there too? We saw a wild owl! Its pretty neat that we saw it closeup. I will keep posted it later :-) 

My 5 year old daughter artwork

This is my little girl artwork, she's 5 years old and she is really into painting too like her mommy! Well I gave her acrylic paper and cut into 4 piece and gave her 2 and this is what she came up with. The first one she draw is the unicorn and a little girl (its her) feeding the unicorn with a corn. She add apple tree in the side and a two beautiful flower. The second one she made is so adorable also. She paint a swan in the ocean then the dolphin make a splash in the back of the swan and the sun is watching it happily. Isn't that cute? She's is such an adorable little girl, I'm so proud of her. :-)

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cold and Flu...

Yes, one of my kid got cold and flu and it last for a week. Thank God it didn't last that long unlike other kids got sick for the whole 2 weeks or more! Cold and Flu is very common in the Valley and its going around. My 8 year old son seems got it from school. He woke up in the morning with a really dry annoying cough. So I called the school to excuse him for the day. Then he got 100.8 fever at night. He start throwing up and have diarrhea. We give him a lot of fluids, pump him up with green juice, vitamins, cod liver oil and the sugar pill for his sinus. Lot of rest and I also give him massage on his back, foot and leg. I used my favorite essential oil "White Flower", its made in hongkong. I got them online. I been using this white flower since I was a kid and I'll tell you its really works. My son sleep good at night but there are days that he really had a bad night. Cough keeps waking him up, it wake us up too. Good thing he feel better now. We didn't take him to the doctor, we just keep it home safe and warm. Give him lot of attention, lots of love and care. Give him all the vitamins that his body needs and I think the green juice helps a lot too. I like to use warm and honey lemon for him to drink and that helps his cough. 

We don't believe in flu shot and we try not to get a shot because of all the weird ingredients they put in it so we don't want to put that in our body and even in our kids body. We research a lot about vaccines and we are not happy with the results, so we decided to avoid vaccines. I never get flu shot too and I don't get sick that much. I try to watch my diet and try not to over eat any kind of wheat products, dairy and sugar and also not to forget to take all my vitamins, drink a lot of water, exercise two times a week, control the stress, have enough sleep, be happy and have a healthy spiritual routine. That's what I do to have a healthy lifestyle :-)

mother and daughter moment

It was so fun when we took this pictures. My daughter keeps hugging and squeezing me so I decided to take a picture of us together. She likes to be in the camera, she is not afraid to show her pretty smile. Look how happy she is at the picture, me too I'm so happy and proud to have her as my daughter. This is such a nice photo of us together and I always keep it in my heart. Love you my sweetie pie! Your the best!

Winter Breaks at School!

Kids are so happy and excited that they have two weeks vacation for this month of December. Its their winter break! That means, we don't need to wake up early in the  morning! Its hard to wake up when its too cold outside. Good thing we didn't get a lot of snow yet unlike last year, we got a lot. This morning it was pretty cold its about 20 degrees. So hopefully this couple weeks will be a good weather. We're looking forward to spend more time with our kids this two weeks!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

To mommy and daddy...

That was sweet of her to give us this pretty artwork, the lovebirds. My 5 year old daughter made this at their school this morning They are making something for Christmas and we don't do Christmas at all so my little girl draw something that she wants to give it to us later and it really touches my heart. I will going to keep this and as a parent, we really proud of her! She is our little artist :-)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pretty Sunset of San Luis Valley

This are the photo I took when my husband took me for a ride around 10 minutes away from where we live, we got a chance to see the beautiful orange sky. We really didn't see the sun going down but the view with the orange sky is so beautiful. I really appreciate God's creation and this view makes my day! Thanks bebeeh! Love you lots!

Kids tea party!

My two kids are very excited because they are invited for a kids tea party at one of their friends house. So that means, my husband and I got a chance to be alone together without the kids. They will be gone only for 2 hours, so my husband and I went to go out and eat then we went for a ride to the mountain for a little while to see the sunset. It was pretty nice, its quite a nice ride actually. It was sweet of him to take me for a ride to see the sunset. Then we pick up the kids after two hours. They seems pretty happy and worn out of course. They got all sugar rush because of all the sugar threats they had and they are look tired when they got home. My 5 year old girl fall asleep right after we came home. She lays down on her daddy's lap and fall asleep and my 8 year old son is busy in his game. He looks tired too but he seems pretty happy because he is the only the boy at the party :-)

Friday, November 28, 2014

5 Year Old Fil-American girl singing "Ako si Takure" Visayan version of "I'm a little tea pot"

She practice this song in 3 days. Visayan language is kind a hard to learn but she is a fast learner. I try to teach her tagalog and visayan language and sometimes she got confuse on two language. But when I teach her to sing this song, she started to like it and not only that, she is also learning how to sing head shoulder knees and toes in Visayan version. She is such a cutie and I am sure she won't have hard time learning another language on her early age. My son, seems having hard time pronouncing the word and he doesn't like the language that much. My son is not interested that much on Visayan language but hopefully he will learn too like her younger sister.