Monday, December 29, 2008

New Quilt...

I was supposed to give the second quilt that i made this coming first week of january for the baby shower, but the problem is when i washed the quilt, it teared on each side, so i need to sew it again. I cant give that quilt anymore because it doesn't look good. I need to make another one, a simple and easy baby quilt. So i decided to do the way i like. I use one of my butterfly patch to put in a middle and just square on each side but with different color. Here is the picture. Im glad i finished this quilt! I just need to washed this and put in a gift bag :-)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Result of my Blood Sugar test...

I supposed to have my prenatal check up this afternoon at 2:30 pm but the nurse called me and she said my doctor was sick and had flu and she cant make it this afternoon thats why they need to cancel my appointment and re-schedule me again for next week January 9, 2009 at 12:00 noon. So this afternoon we went to St. Mary Life Center for my diatation appointment at 3:00pm, they give me this kit "FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System" to monitor my blood sugar and i can do that at home. Good news because my blood sugar went down instead of 220 the first result for my glucose test is 107. Mike said thats a good number but my goal is to reach 95 instead of 100. After dinner, i did the second test and guess what? it go down to 100! Hopefully tomorrow morning when I woke up, the result will be okay. :-)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy 3 Years Anniversary!

Wow, I cant believe that Mike and I will celebrating our 3 years anniversary. Time went so fast! I can still remember the time when we first meet! Our relationship grow strong more and more everyday. I always feel his love everyday even when he don’t say the 3 words. The way he showed me his love is enough for me to know how important me and Dustin to him. Im so happy for our anniversary, he gave me a big hug and kiss. We celebrate our anniversary together with our friends Kathy and Bob. After our bible study we had lunch together at the new Mexican restaurant here in Orchard Mesa “Las Marias”. It was a good lunch! Even without gifts, it doesn’t matter as long we are happy together and love each other. Happy 3 years anniversary again honey! Love you lots!

3 Years

December 17 is my 3 years stay here in Colorado, USA. And for that 3 years? There are many things happen in my life. I had my first baby and we are expecting a baby girl next year! There’s no regret when I choose to marry Mike, leave my family in the Philippines and stay with him here in Colorado. I know I am in good hands and I know that Mike will take care of me and be with me all the time. I am so contented of what I have right now. I have a really loving, compassionate husband, a cute little boy and a baby girl for next year! I cant ask for anything more. I am happy spiritually and my love life are great! So next year, hopefully I can apply a citizenship. I still need to renew my residence status, were just waiting for next year if we have enough budget.

Diabetes Education

Tomorrow afternoon at 3:00pm, I have an appointment for my diabetes education at St. Mary Life Center here in Grand Junction. Mike cant go with me tomorrow because he has to work, so Kathy will go with me that time. I am not sure what we will going to do but maybe they will teach me how to manage my diabetes, my diet and my exercise. I am looking forward to learn more about diabetes because until now I cant believe I have gestational diabetes for my 2nd pregnancy. I don’t eat that much sugar and we don’t have diabetes in our family history. But maybe its normal for a petite asian girl like me to have gestational diabetes. Actually I don’t think I have diabetes on my first pregnancy. I just hope that after labor, everything will go back to normal again. So will see about it tomorrow.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pinay Wives: Agree or Not?

Thanks for this tag Weng! Sorry for the late post. Hope you had great day!
My hubby said i am his sexy wife. His filipina beautiful wife. He loved my flat nose (laugh). Are you planning on having a nose lifting as soon as you can afford it, to do so? Yes or No and why?
Well, my hubby always say that i am pretty and beautiful. Either i will agree or not, but the way he say it makes me feel very happy and contented of what i am. For me, the important is, we love each other and we accept each other. I dont need any nose lift or anything that will change my look, my hubby is happy and im contented of what God gave to me.
My hubby promised he will loved me even i will get bigger and fatter. Are you planning on having a surgery a laser maybe... like Lyposuction? Yes or No and why?
Yes, either he or i will get big or fat. We will still accept and love each other. Lyposuction cost too much and i dont have any plan on changing my body. Thats why i keep watching my diet and try not to eat junk! hehe :-)
My hubby said that i had a very nice and beautiful long black hair? Are you going to change it to brown or blond maybe? and why?
My hubby loves my hair, he loves to touch it. If ever i will color my hair? I will let him know first and he is the one who will choose what the color that best for me. As long not the red and blonde because it doesn't look good for me :-)
My hubby said that i can speak well already in their language. Is your husband ? Agree or not and why?
Nobody's perfect, sometimes my English is good and sometimes not. But i noticed that everyone i talked too especially my friends here they say my "English is Good". My husband and I have a little bit of problem on that matter. He says, sometimes he dont understand what im talking about, i need to talk slow and i need to listen also so that i can understand what his saying. But we're okay now. We try to work that out hehe :-)
I am passing this tag to all fil-am couples out there. If you are interested please grab this tag and happy blogging everyone!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gestational Diabetes

This is what my doctor says that i have a gestational diabetes after they get the result for my glocuse test. My blood sugar is 240. Mike said the normal blood sugar is around 180 so it means my bloog sugar is very high. Thats why i really need to get an appointment for diabetes education. It helps me to decrease my blood sugar and to have a healthy baby.
About Gestational Diabetes:
Diabetes is a condition in which the blood sugar level is high because there isn't enough insulin, or insulin isn't working properly. Insulin is a hormone that enables your body to break down sugar (glucose) in your blood to be used as energy.

During pregnancy, various hormones block the usual action of insulin. This helps to make sure your growing baby gets enough glucose. Your body needs to produce more insulin to cope with these changes. Gestational diabetes develops when your body can't meet the extra insulin demands of the pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes usually begins in the second half of pregnancy, and goes away after the baby is born. If gestational diabetes doesn't go away after the baby is born, it's possible that you already had diabetes and that it was picked up during your pregnancy. The other forms of diabetes, called type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, are life-long conditions.
Gestational diabetes doesn't usually cause any symptoms. However, sometimes you may have symptoms of high blood sugar, such as:
increased thirst
needing to urinate frequently

Glocuse Test Result

2 days ago, my doctor called me because they just got the result of my glocuse test. They want to let me know that i have "diabetes". I was very shocked and surprised because i really dont have any symptoms that i have diabetes and we dont have any family history for diabetes. But my doctor said its normal especially if you are pregnant. And she wants me to make an appointment for diabetes education. She gave me the number and we never had a chance to call them yet to make an appointment. Maybe this next week we will... Next week December 23 is my prenatal check up, so will see about that. My concern is my baby's health and my health too as well. Hope everything will be okay next week.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Photos of Dustin...

Dustin and Thunder (male mastiff)
Here are some photos of Dustin playing at the snow in our backyard, this photos taken this morning at 8:00 am. He is the one who choose the spot where i could take picture of him. He like taking pictures and he really enjoy the snow! hehe :-)

Let it snow!

Last year, we had snow early at the month of October or November. But this time of the year, today is the first day we had snow here in our Valley, Grand Junction. When we woke up this morning, we look at the window and there are a lot of snow in the ground. Its freezing cold and still breezy. Dustin cant wait to go outside and play the snow. But me? i dont like snow! its pretty to look at but its too cold for me to play outside. I let Dustin play a little while in our backyard, he always calling me and say "mommy come here, play snowball! snow is fun!". Well... its really obvious that he has having fun lolz :-) but even i have my gloves and thick jacket on, but im still freezing! I dont like to go out this afternoon but we need to go for our meeting. We need to get ready about an hour, so need to wear my thick jacket, boots and gloves! This will add weight on me :-( i already feel heavy for my pregnancy, much more heavier now if i wear those thick jacket and boots :-(

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

7 Months - baby changes...

Im almost in my 7 months pregnancy and Its getting near to the date of my delivery. I am very anxious, scared, happy and excited. As what I’ve noticed at this month of pregnancy, the baby moves a lot than before. This is the time where you can enjoy talking with them and feel them while their moving. At 7th month, their eyes starting to open, they also react to changes in light, they grown longer than your uterus. The baby is more active at night than during the day. You will noticed that when you lie down in bed, you might see your whole stomach change shape as the baby shifts position. Your baby taste buds are well developed too so he can respond to sweet and sour tastes. I was very curious what the baby look like when they change the expression of their face. Too bad we cant see them, what a wonderful exciting feeling if you also feel your baby having hick ups hehe…

C-Section Delivery Schedule

I was expecting for a call to my doctor last Monday but they never called me yet. But yesterday, I was surprised because they called me and they already give us the due date for my C-section delivery. That will be this coming February 26, 2009 at 7:30pm. 2 months more and we will going to see our baby girl! Hopefully everything will be okay for my delivery. I was kind a scared and excited, I have mixed emotions thinking about the day of my delivery. Mike also has appointment for his shoulder surgery this coming February 19, so it means he can take a 3-4 weeks off from work so that he can be with me that time. One of our friend also are scheduling the baby shower of our little girl baby Dana. Will see what happen, I will keep you updated for my delivery next year hehe…

Want some lollipop?

This is what Dustin always saying everytime i gave him lollipop. Actually, he already used to have lollipop everytime we go to the meeting because one of our brother are giving lollipop to all the kids in our congregation. As a parent we dont want him to eat more sugar because we know its not good for him and its not good on his teeth too. Once in a while is okay but not everyday. This morning when he woke up, he is looking for his lollipop. I dont want to give him lollipop if he dont eat his breakfast yet, maybe i will give him later or maybe not. Anyway here is the picture of him while his eating his lollipop hehe :-)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

27 weeks pregnant - what to expect?

Well, i really dont know what to expect on my 27 weeks pregnancy. All i know is that the baby is more active than before. The baby was kicking me all over, his moving and kicking all the time especially at night. She wakes me up all the time. I research it online and i found some interesting information about what to expect on your 27 weeks of pregnancy. Here's what i found:

Your baby moves on to a whole new growth chart this week, while your swollen feet and ankles may need a growth chart of their own!
Puffy? That's to be expected — about 75 percent of soon-to-be moms experience edema (mild swelling of the hands, feet, and ankles) around this point in pregnancy. That's because fluids build up in your body tissues thanks (or no thanks) to increased blood flow and uterine pressure on the vena cava (the large vein that cycles blood from your lower limbs to your heart). So while you may have a hard time squeezing into shoes or getting your rings on (or off), keep in mind that the puff factor is completely normal and temporary. As for baby, it's time to trade in the old crown-to-rump measurement for a new head-to-toe standard (that's 15 inches this week — more than a foot long!). His weight is creeping up the charts as well, coming in at just over two pounds. More big news: Your baby may recognize your voice by now, so feel free to serenade your belly.

Well... for my first pregnancy at 27 weeks, i have a mild swolen on my feet. This time i dont have swolen feet yet but maybe in a few months i will. :-) Im kind a excited for my second pregnancy because we will going to have a baby girl!

Gain more weight!

Yay! I am gaining more weight! Yesterday I went to my doctor for my prenatal check up and I gain more 3 ½ pounds this time. I was 95lbs last month and I am 98.5 lbs right now. So far I gain 14 lbs hehe… Anyway, im on my 27 ½ weeks now and I have another appointment this coming December 23. Instead of every month check-up, they will do it every 2 weeks now, but… the thing I don’t like is to get another blood test. So next week I need to get my glucose test. Im kind a scared though but hopefully everything will be fine. Mike wont be with me that time so maybe I will call one of our sister to accompany me next week.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dragon Coupon Code

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Wow, I cant believe that there’s a software that can capture your speaking even in a distance through your computer. This is kind a interesting, it really caught my attention when I saw the video and its very amazing. I never heard this software before, its very new and I am sure many people would love to have this kind of software. Have you ever heard the New Dragon Naturally Speaking 10? This is a software where it can capture your voice without interrupting with other background noises because the New Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 only listens to your voice, even in a long distance.

My favorite video is that when the guy is writing his blog post and its really cool because with this New Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 it can help you write a post without typing. Just say it and then he will do the rest. Isn’t that amazing? I am one of the blogger too and I would love to try this kind of software and see how it works. I been blogging for more than a year and until now, It seems like my blogging efforts is not really works. Its time to improve my blogging! Since it is holiday, maybe I will share my top 10 Holiday Wish list on how to improve my blogging efforts. First I want to change the themes, try hard to improve my writing skills, my grammar, get more traffic, add interesting widgets, gadgets, get a new ec logo, maybe I need more training? Hmmm what else? Maybe I will going to try this cool software from the New Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.

Talking about this amazing New Dragon Naturally Speaking 10, if you are interested you can get

Visit their website for more information about this software and hopefully you will enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoy it. Thanks!

Looking forward...

Im looking forward for my next prenatal appointment tomorrow at 2:20pm. My doctor will going to tell us my CS-delivery schedule. I cant wait to see my baby girl again, hopefully we can get a nice picture of her inside my womb. I will be 6 months and a half tomorrow i think hehe :-) few more months and we will going to see our lovely little girl. I am sure Dustin is so excited to see her baby sister. I just hope that Dustin wont get jealous when her baby sister arrived this coming next year. We will try our best to give him love and attention too while baby Dana is here. We are complete family now and i cant ask for anything more. I am so happy that Jehovah God hear my prayers and i am so lucky to have a loving husband and a sweet lovable son. We are planning for our next vacation too next year so that my mama can see her grand daughter (tisay) hehe :-) thats why starting from now, we are trying to save more money so that we have enough to spend for our next vacation next year.

Run out of thread...

2 days ago while im doing my 3rd blocked pattern for my baby quilt. I didn't noticed that i already run out of thread. I want to go to the store and buy thread but Mike said i need to wait until this weekend because i cant drive our car alone this time because our car plate number was already expired and we need to renew it this week. He dont want me to get pull over and get a ticket without him while driving the expired car template number. Anyway, no hurry... i can wait until weekend. We will go together to buy more fabric and thread for my second project and im looking forward with that. I need to finished my baby quilt before January, because Malia will going to labor her baby boy this coming end of January and i want to give that baby quilt to her as a gift. If we find out the schedule of my delivery then we will also schedule the baby shower of my little girl :-) So will see what happen...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

When we went to Michigan last summer, it was really hot and sweaty inside the car. It seems like we have problem with our air conditioning compressor. I always complain that time and tell my hubby “Is it hot in here, or is it just me?“. He says “yes it is hot”. Well, maybe we need to change our AC Compressor because our air condition is not working that time. Its hard to find a good AC Compressor here in Grand Junction area, maybe there is a good one but we need to find out first. We research it online too and find out about Toyota AC Compressor and we came across this website at This is a very good website about AC Compressor and guess what? Its free shipping on orders about $50. Either your using Toyota, BMW or Mercedes, auto ac parts are all available at Visit now and get the ac compressor for your auto!

In Heat...

Our female mastiff was on heat today, thats why we need to make it sure that she and Thunder (our male mastiff) are far to each other. We are not planning to breed them this winter. Its hard to have puppies when its cold. We need to wait until Spring or Summer before we breed them both. Hopefully everything will be alright, i need to keep an eye on them both. Mike said, maybe next week, thunder will start to be after her. So will see what happen... :-)

Steering rack

I don’t have any ideas about power steering because I am not used to drive a car before. But when I got my driver license, im starting to get interested on learning the parts and how this power steering rack works. I research it online and I came across this website at They offer the highest quality of steering box and steering rack. Just like they said if we take care of our steering system then the steering system will take care of us. Well, maybe we need to get the highest quality boxes and racks at power, its available now at the best low prices. Its free shipping on all orders! Get the power steering rack now at!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Second Quilt Project...

We just bought a new sewing machine at Walmart yesterday for only $139.00. That makes me busy for the day. I read the book on how to familiarize my new sewing machine and do a little bit of practice hehe. Im also starting my new quilt project this afternoon. I finished the first block and I will do another blocked tomorrow. Here is the picture of my new project! Not finished yet, I need to make 5 or more blocked that same as these.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Too early...

I heard Dustin early in the morning at 3:00am calling my name saying “mama fe, get something to eat”. Wow, its too early to woke up, I am still tired but i cant say no! It seems like he is really hungry and he wants pancake in the middle of the night. I was thinking maybe he has a bad dream or maybe just hungry. He also wants to watch TV on that time. So after he eat, I put him back to the bedroom and it takes a while before he go back to sleep. I woke up late at 9:00am because I dont have enough sleep. I keep waking up because his moving a lot. Hopefully his okay… im worried coz maybe he is sick again or something but im glad his okay and his eating okay this time. It’s a big relief for me, I don’t want to see him get sick again.

Ec Logo and Draft...

I just got the copy of my draft layout and entrecard logo from Designer Chic. So here it is! Thanks to Ivy for my blog make over. Job well done Ivy! Thanks again!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fabrics for my baby quilt...

Choosing the right fabrics for my new baby quilt project is kind a hard. I am not used to this kind of project but I want to learn really bad. It takes me long time to choose the right color of the fabric. I always choose the color blue and it seems like all the color I’ve seen is not really good. When I am with my husband, I cant easily choose the fabric I like. I need a professional to help me get the fabric that’s fit on my baby quilt project. I am not good on choosing colors neither choosing the right fabrics. I got few ¼ fabric with light and dark blue. Next time I need to choose different colors to make it look nicer hehe. Im excited to start my new quilt project. I am sure it will be fun! This baby quilt project I make, I will going to give this as a gift to one of our sister in our congregation. She’s 8 months pregnant and she’s due on January. So hopefully I can finished this project as soon as possible. Will see… I will keep you updated hehe.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My New Layout!

Another successful layout made by Ivy (Designer Chic). Thank you so much for this wonderful layout, same as my Blogging Journey blog, I am very pleased with the result. I think the price is really worth it to get a blog make over made by her. Wish I can create my own layout too! Hehe… Anyway, this is my new layout. Hope you all like it and keep visiting my blog!


This past few weeks, we all got sick. This weekend, we are just recovering from our sickness especially Dustin. So it means, we missed a lot of meetings and we never get out in the house this past few days too. Dustin and I stay here at the house but last Friday, we had a chance to go out and eat dinner outside. it’s a big relief for us you know especially to Dustin. His happy to get out even though his not feeling well. He is feeling well on that whole day but at night he has diarrhea again. So now, he has this itchy rashes on his thigh and butt. Hopefully he will feel better soon. We didn’t go out much this week, we’re just resting here in the house and get recovered from the illness we have for this past few days.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Terrible Week...

What a terrible week we have! You know why? because we all got sick this week. First, mike get sick last Friday, he went home with a stomachache, he throw up and keep coming back in the bathroom. Then on Sunday, i got a terrible allergy. I sneeze a lot and have an itchy sore throat. I cant call my doctor that time because their office was closed. Then on Monday, Dustin starting to throw up all night. I never get enough sleep, i keep waking up because of my little Dustin. I was worried about him, i know its hard for him to feel that way. Then Wednesday, he stop throwing up but he got another illness, he got a diarrhea. I think he got a virus or something. He got fever too but not so high. I take his temperature and he just have 101.6 F, the next day his fever go down but his appetite is really poor. He really dont want to eat and he only drink juice or water. We bought him a Comfort Pediatrics Electrolyte so that he wont get dehydrated for throwing up and diarrhea. Then yesterday, he got a rashes all over his butt and also to his nuts. I know it really hurts him a lot because he cried everytime i washed it. I give him an ointment for his rashes and i think his feel better now. Hopefully he will feel better for the rest of the day. It was really a terrible week for all of us :-(

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thank God!

Thank God that Mike’s feel better now, he already go back to work but still it makes me worried because I know he is still weak and tired. He didn’t eat anything yesterday except water and a little bit of rice. I want him to get rest more and make it sure that he feels better but he insist that he is okay now and he needs to go back to work. I called him this morning when I woke up and make it sure that he is okay. So anyway, im so glad he is okay now that makes me feel relief.

Feel the same...

I thought I will feel better this morning but it seems like it getting worst, my allergy is getting terrible. I sneeze more than yesterday. I think its time to call my nurse and ask her what kind of medication do I need to take that is safe for my pregnancy. Honestly, I don’t really like to take any medication because I don’t want to hurt my baby but I know that there are some medication that is safe even where you are pregnant. Will see what my nurse says.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Food Poisoning Treatment

I got this information online and i was thinking to post it here on my blog. It will help you to learn what treatment for food poisoning:

1. Do not eat solid food while nauseous or vomiting but drink plenty of fluids.
- small, frequent sips of clear liquids are the best way to stay hydrated.
- avoid alcoholic, caffeinated or sugary drinks.
- sports drinks such as gatorade and powerade are fine for adults if they are diluted with water because at full strength they contain too much sugar which can worsen diarrhea.

2. When nausea and vomiting have stopped. Eat should begin slowly. Plain foods that are easy on the stomach should be started in small smounts.

3. Consider eating rice, wheat, breads, potatoes, low-sugar cereals, lean meats and chicken (not fried) to start.

4. Milk can given safely but some people may experience additional stomach upset due to lactose intolerance.

5. If its get worst, please call your doctor right away.

I will try this to Mike and see how it works...

Food Poisoning...

Is it the cause of my husband stomach pain, diarrhea and throwing up is because of that chili burger he eat yesterday afternoon for his lunch? It seems like he got a food poisoning thats why he dont feel good until now. He never eat anything and it makes me worried because it really makes him feel weak. Maybe that chili burger is not fresh or maybe they give him the old one. I told him not to eat that kind of food anymore. Hope he will feel better soon. We are not feel good but im glad Dustin is not sick. I still have this crazy allergy that makes me sneeze and my throat is still itchy. We cant make it this afternoon for our Sunday meeting but hopefully tomorrow we will feel better already :-(

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Congrats my friend!

Im happy to hear that the ultrasound of my Pinay friend Glady's went well. They already find out that the baby has heartbeat. I know they are both happy now because they are really wanted to have a baby. I am happy for her too. Im thankful to Jehovah God that he hear our prayers. That baby is a gift for them from God and that baby is so precious. I bet they are excited about it and now her waiting for is come true! So Glad be careful always and congrats my friend!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My finish project...

Im glad i already finished my first quilting project. I already finish the hard part (the hand quilting design). It takes a while before you get done but im glad i found the pattern and design that i like. As you can see on this photo, the hand quilting design is not so clear. But if you really look to it, you will see the heart pattern on each side of the border and also i put the name of my baby girl (Dana Fe). :-) Next 2 weeks i am ready to start my second project. I choose the Best of All Quilt Block Pattern. So will see how it turns out hehe :-)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I just wondering, why at triple P i couldn't see my page rank. I look on my blogs dashboard at triple P and it said there, my 3 blogs have pagerank zero. I dont understand why. Well... maybe this pagerank not work for them. As you can see i have pagerank 2 here and at triple P i have pagerank 0. :-( hmm... hope they will give my page rank back because i really miss the tasked! Im hungry for more tasked!

Dustin is ready for Winter!

I noticed that since Dustin put his thick jacket on for winter? he always say "mama snow? "its cold!" hehe :-) Well, we dont have snow yet here in Grand Junction but i think next month we will. He cant wait for Winter. He always excited to put his jacket on and also we just bought him a new winter hat with methins. Look at this picture, you can see how happy he is with his new winter hat :-)

More active than my first pregnancy...

In my second pregnancy, i would say this baby is very active. She's moving a lot than Dustin does. Im on my 22 weeks now and i cant wait to see my little girl. I been praying all the time that we will going to have a baby girl and im glad Jehovah God hear my prayers. It makes me happy everytime she moves. Its a good feeling that there's a life on my belly that will coming out next year.

My next appointment will be this coming December 5. The doctor will also tell us what month and date they will schedule my C-section. Hopefully everything will be okay. I am very anxious, excited and happy for this coming next year! So will see hehe :-)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


This morning when Dustin woke up, it makes me worried a lot because he throw up. He went to the bathroom and throw up in the toilet. I know there's something wrong, i think he is sick. He throw up not only once but trice. It happens also before when he has a fever. I think he will going to have a fever too. I will give him medicine after he eat. If he throw up again? maybe i will call Kathy to let her know that maybe i cant make our book study this afternoon at their house. I need to watch Dustin because maybe he will throw up again this afternoon after he eat his lunch. So will see... hope he is okay, im kind a worried you know ;-)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Baby Quilt

I just finished my 3D Pinwheels baby quilt. It was exciting and fun to do this kind of hobby. I cant imagine how i really enjoy it especially using the sewing machine. Im started to learn how to use the sewing machine and im hoping that i can get one too soon. Actually this is not totally finished because we still need to find a quilting design so that we can sew it by hand. We already had schedule to do that and it will be this coming Thursday. Here is the picture of the front and back for my 3D Pinwheels Baby Quilt.

My Doctor Appointment

Yesterday is my prenatal schedule and Mike take a day off so that he can go with me to my doctor. If he works yesterday? i think he cant go with me that time because his boss might assign him to work at the Parachute. Im glad he take a day off. Well... in the morning at 10:00am i went to Kathy's house to finish our quilting project and Mike is the one who watch with Dustin while im away. I have my doctor appointment at 3:20 pm, so i still have time to finish my baby quilt. I came home at 2:00pm to get ready and have snack before we go.

My doctor check the heart beat of the baby and she says the baby was really active and the heart beat is normal. I gain 3 lbs this time from 92 lbs to 95 lbs. Hope i wont get fat hehe :-) My blood pressure is normal and i need to go back next month for my another check up. I think they will going to find out next month about the schedule for my C-Section. So will see.. :-)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Unfinished Baby Quilt

Here's the baby quilt that i am trying to make. I am just starting to learn how to quilt and sew and im glad Kathy was willing to teach me. She has all the things that we need to start like the fabric and all the tools for sewing and quilting. We just started last Friday and i really enjoyed it. We did a lot of work and i learned fast too. Actually this is my first time to sew and im not used to it to use brand new sewing machine. I cant believe how fun it is to sew, thats why i am starting to like it and i think this will be my favorite hobby hehe :-) Here's the picture of my unfinished baby quilt project :-)


Yesterday is Halloween and we know that most people make this holiday a big deal. Many kids in our neighbors are preparing for a trick or treat night. But us? we dont celebrate halloween why? well, we know that Halloween is a celebration of the evil. It seems like when you have all the scary decorations at your house, you are inviting the evil to come to your house. Well... that is only opinion. Hope no one will react about this hehe :-)

Yesterday, we turn off the lights in our front door and also in our living room. We dont want to let them know that were home that time, so that they wont knock the door and ask for a trick or treat. We're just stay in our bedroom and watch TV. We dont want to be involved on it, so i think the kids in our neighbor will understand because we dont have any decoration for halloween outside our front yard. :-)

Cloey and Dustin Photos

Here's the new photos of Dustin with the cutiest little girl Cloey. She's the daughter of one of our sister in our congregation. She came last Thursday for my book study with Kathy of course. Dustin really have a great time playing with Cloey. I am sure he will be a good big brother to his little sister. I cant wait to see our baby girl. Hope it will be as cute as Cloey hehe :-)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reverse Phone Lookup Canada

Do you want to know the information of those phone numbers that is not familiar to you? There are times that we receive a call but we don’t recognize the number. The best solution is by using the reverse phone lookup canada, they have easy step so that you can find the results right away. With the help of, you don’t need to visit one website to another to lookup phone numbers because they already have a main website for you to look. Why not try it and see how they can help you find those numbers that you want to know.

ATB Binoculars Promotion

Binoculars is commonly used when you want to view distant objects. We have a small binoculars and we used it every time we do outdoors stuff like hiking and traveling. This is also good for hunting. We have friends here that he really love to hunt animals, that is his favorite hubby and I think its time for him to know about the promotion that offer from now until December 31st 2008. I just found out now when I came across their website. If you buy one of their Nikon Monarch and Trailblazer Binoculars, you can receive a $25 or $50 gift card. Visit Nikon ATB Promotion Details Page for more details on this offer.

Crockpot Time!

Its been a long time i never used our crockpot. I missed cooking dinner through crockpot, its easier and no hassle. You can prepare in the morning and you can have a good tasty food for dinner. Yesterday, i bought a chuck roast and vegetables in can like carrots and beans. Then i decided to cook pot roast. I make an easy recipe. First i cut onions and put in a crock pot, i put the pot roast on the top of it. I seasoned with salt and pepper and add beef brooth. I let it cook for about 8 hours on low. I add the carrots and french style beans when its already almost 6 hours and let it cook for more than 2 hours. So the cooking takes approximately 7-8 hours on low. It smells good and its tasty too! Why not try it on your home and see how easy it is :-)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nationwide Phone Lookup

We receive lot of phone calls from different phone numbers and most of them, we really don’t recognized. Good thing because they provide a Nationwide Phone Lookup online where we can check and track down those unknown phone numbers. I came across this website at and they have all supported area codes on their lists that you can look up. This is available nationwide, so if you are curious about the information of those unknown phone numbers then why not check those numbers at


Mike knows that i love flowers and everytime we have misunderstanding? he just give me a dozen of flower and this time he gave me this beautiful candy corn daisy. I was little bit upset last night because of what he says but we're okay now. Im glad my little Dustin find the CD that Mike looking for. Maybe i didn't noticed that Dustin play the CD and he put it somewhere. Anyway, we're okay now and i want to say Thank you for the flowers honey, it was so beautiful :-) I Love you!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Personal Loans Mania

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Getting Together with my Pinay friends...

Last week, i was thinking about inviting Ella and Gladys, my Filipina friend here in Grand Junction together with their hubby to have dinner with us. I told mike that i will going to make lumpia, pancit and chicken strips for our dinner. I have Fil-am couples visitors so its just right that i will going to cook Filipino food that time hehe :-) We went to Filipino store last Friday to get all the ingredients of my pancit and lumpia. I also buy 1 bag of jasmine rice. I like the smell of that rice and i am sure they would like it too. Im glad they came and our getting together went pretty well. I am not really good in cooking but i feel confident on what i cook last Saturday. My hubby said it taste good and they like my lumpia too. So it was nice, but too bad i forgot to take a picture. Well... maybe next time i can take picture with them and us together. :-)

Debt Consolidation

Having credit card is very overwhelming. Because of that feeling, people tend to buy and spend anything they want and they never realized that they need to pay that credit every month. I heard many people having problem with these kind of matter and most of them they don’t know how to get out from under their overwhelming debt. But no worries because if you having problem with your debt, of course there is a solution to it. How about take a look at They offer a debt consolidation alternative that can help you get out on your debt. Not only that they also offer credit consolidation especially if you have a bad credit history. If you apply now then you can reduce balances up to 50%, you can have one easy, low month payment, no credit checks - bad credit OK, home ownership is not required, consolidate debt payments and be debt free in as little as 12-30 months. Why not try it and see how they can help you to become debt free!

Schumacher Homes Ohio

When you are planning to build your dream house, you want to make it sure that the custom homebuilder company are trusted. We always want to get a better service to the homebuilder, isn’t it? Well, for me I don’t trust most of the homebuilders especially if they are not popular or if they are not so much known in the business world to build a custom dream home. Talking about homebuilders, I came across this website at They already help over 5,000 families to build their dream custom home since 1992. They seems so popular and one of the trusted companies to build custom homes in Ohio. So, if you are looking for a quality home construction, exceptional value and award winning designs? Schumacher Homes Ohio is the right custom home builder that is right for you. Come and visit their website for more information about Schumacher Homes!

Unbaptized Publisher

Yesterday after the meeting, i talked with the elders in our congregation about being unbaptized publisher. I never been baptized yet but hopefully next year i will. I am happy that i can go out to service and start sharing what i learned from the bible to others. Its a good feeling after they ask me few questions before they allow me to become unbaptized publisher. They want to make it sure that i am not involved with any of those things like having vices, involved with adultery, polygamy, sexual things, if i am willing to become one of them. If i believe that the bible is inspired word of God. Of course i believe all of those and i want to become one of them. Jehovah's Witnesses are one of the peaceful people here on earth. They dont want to be involved in the war or bad things, they just want to serve God and have peaceful life.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Online Degrees

I was thinking of taking an Online Degrees but I was wondering, is this better than going to the campus? I heard that online degrees is more convenient than going to school because you can set your time and you are learning by staying at your home. This is kind a interesting because in the Philippines? They don’t offer online degrees. Talking about online degrees, I came across this website at, they have program listings for online degrees. Good thing is you can rate and review the top online degrees on their lists. You can also find online schools that are right for you by filling up the request information at their site. Visit now and see the top Online Degrees at!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Prepare in Advance...

Well, tonight I need to get ready for all the things I will going to prepare for tomorrow. Because I invite my Filipina friend to come over here in the house to have dinner with us. I will going to cook Filipino food like Pancit and Lumpia (egg roll). Most of my friends here like my egg roll and im really happy that Im really improving in my cooking. I prepare the ingredients of my lumpia and put it in a bowl, then tomorrow morning I will start to wrap it and dip fry in the afternoon. Anyway, hope everything will fine tomorrow and will see what happen. Hope they will like the food! Hehe…

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Best Cheap Hosts

There are many web hosting available online, most of them are cheap and some are expensive but if you are looking for a best cheap hosts, is the right website for you. There you can find the top 10 web hosting on their list. Why pay more if there’s cheap web hosting available? They also show you the rating and review on each web hosting companies. You can choose whatever you like that meets your needs and budget. All web hosting they reviewed are reliable and trusted. Many of their clients are using it and there are more than 130,000 webmaster. You can host any domain name you like from .com, .org, .net, and a lot more. Visit now and get your own web hosting!

Download Mozilla Firefox

Our internet explorer having a problem starting yesterday. Everytime i browse different windows, it always shows the "page cannot display". I don't understand why. Anyway, it bothers me a lot especially when i drop entrecard. So i decided to download the Mozilla Firefox and now its more better. Im glad i did it! :-)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Free Cataract Surgery

Cataract is one of the problem when you get old. The more you get old, the more you will have problem with your eye sight. If you don’t have vision insurance then this is your chance to get a free cataract surgery at This is available to all eligible seniors. Isn’t a good thing that you can get a full cataract care at no cost? This is all what we are looking for right? If my mother lives here, I am sure I will going to try this free cataract care at because my mother having problem with her eyesight. She’s 65 years old and without glasses? Its hard for her to read and see because her vision starting to blur. She needs to get her clear image vision back and with the help of this cataract free america? I am sure my mother will be happy with it. How about you? Want to get a free cataract surgery? Visit cataract free america for more information.

For the First Time...

I just watched "For The First Time" at youtube this morning. I am so glad that i am able to watch it even though i am not in the Philippines. I always rely on youtube videos because i know there are people out there who has good heart download all my favorite Filipino movies. KC Conception really did good on this movie and gosh the background of this movie was really great. They shoot the movie at Santorini, Greece. It was really an amazing place.

Wish i can visit Greece and see the wonderful place of Santorini. KC and Richard Guttierez did really good at this movie. They make me cry too! hehe :-) its a nice love story and im sending my best thank you to those people who download the movie. Thanks a lot!

Grill Recipe Contest

Grilling is my favorite thing to do especially on summer. Mike and I love barbeque on gas grill. I am not good in grilling but I am sure many of you out there are really good to it. So maybe you’ll be interested on joining this Grill Recipe Contest at Its easy to join, all you have to do is submit your entry URL to This is your chance to win! The grand prize drawing is $400. You need to submit your entry right now so that you will be qualified to win $400. Nothing to lose if you try! Who knows! Maybe you will be the next champion! Join Grill Recipe Contest at and have a chance to win $400! For more information about this contest visit their website and see the contest rule!

Watching Football Games!

Was it nice to watch football games together with your friends? Mike love to watch football games and even though i dont understand the game much but i love watching with them too. It was so nice that one of our friends from our congregation invite us to come to their house and have dinner with them. After dinner we watch the football games and we had a chance to chat also. Its Broncos and New England football game but too bad because Broncos team have no score but the New England team really did well tonight. Their score is 37 and the Broncos was still 0. That was too bad but its okay, the important is we enjoy the game. :-)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Report Phone Numbers

How many of you experienced about getting phone calls from a toll free number? I am sure all of us does. Telemarketers, debt collectors, phone survey company and other unknown phone numbers using toll free number. It annoys us because they are trying to sell something and even you are not interested, they never stop calling you. Good thing because you can identify those callers using a reverse lookup at! To find those unknown phone numbers, visit their website and you can also leave a comment.

Pick your fancy!

I like wearing costumes especially fairy and sexy costumes. When I was in high school, we sometimes join costumes party. But not until I get married because my husband don’t celebrate any kind of holidays. So I get used to it. I am sure there are many of you are excited this coming Halloween. What costumes you like to be? Is it sexy, scary, fairies, superhero, pirates, movie costumes or something? If you never find the right costumes for you then why not visit They have everything you need for your costume party! You can choose whatever you want. There are over 10,000 items available. You can also buy costumes for your pets! They offer a very affordable price today. You can get promotions and coupons so that you can save for your online shopping. Shopping online is more convenient than to go to the store. Good thing because you can save time and money. If the Holiday Costumes you like are not available anymore at the store then the good option is to look online and visit! there are thousands of holiday costumes that you can choose. Pick the one you like and don’t forget to share it to your friends!

Giving a bath...

Its been a month since we give our dog a bath. They are kind a smelly and dirty because they lay down all the time in the ground. They love to play outside our yard. But you know what? when Mike give them a bath, they are not so dirty. Just little hehe :-) now i am sure they feel fresh and happy. The water is kind a cold is takes a while before they calm down, we add 1 galloon of hot water so that its not too cold for them. Its nice outside and its kind a breezy. Anyway, we will go out this afternoon, maybe take a drive somewhere. Will see...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who's Number is That?

Is it so annoying if you receive unknown callers and the number is not familiar to you? We always say "Who's Number is This?". Mostly we receive a call from a toll free number. I receive that calls all the time, they are just selling or something or maybe just a wrong number. If you are tired of getting those calls and you want to know who they are, this is what you need to do. Visit and find out those number whether its listed or not. Through this free phone number lookup, you can keep track on those number who called you all the time. Not only that you can get the caller information too. Try it now and see how it works!

Halloween Gift Basket

Wherever store you go, you will see all the Halloween gift stuff and accessories and also other Halloween decorations. Everyone are ready to celebrate Halloween but not me! We don’t celebrate Halloween but I love to give gifts to my family and love ones. Giving gifts is not only for holidays and celebration, you can give gifts to your love ones any time and any day. If you are looking for halloween gift basket, is the right website for you. They offer a great selection of gifts and basket for any occasions. Visit now and save 20% for your Halloween treats bag!

Lumpia (spring roll)

I cooked lumpia (spring roll) for our dinner tonight and i give the rest for the 2 brothers who bible study with Mike. Im glad they like it, my lumpia turns out really good today and we still have more left over for tomorrow. I create my own recipe for lumpia and i was thinking to share it here and maybe you can try it to your home too!

Lumpia (Spring Roll)

Ground beef
spices (salt, pepper to taste)
1 egg
spring roll wrapper

Put the ground beef in a bowl, mix with onions, carrots, cabbage (cut into small pieces) salt and pepper, egg and mix with your hand. You can also add snap peas if you want (i didn't put snap peas at this time because i dont have time to go to the store). Wrap it at spring roll wrapper and dip fry with oil. Serve hot and crispy.

NFL Products for tailgating and bbq fans

Football is one of the favorite sports of my husband and because of that im also starting to like football. I like football games too and other football merchandise. Talking about NFL, I came across this website at and they have great selection of nfl products for tailgating & bbq fans. If you are a car lovers, tailgating fans and wants to get products that make your life better? Then you are in the right place!

Winter is coming and we need to get prepared! How about finding your Winter living at AJ Prindle? From shovels and scrapers, traction devices, winter warmers and winter living outlet. They have everything you need! Not only that they also offer electronics, executive and office, gifts and gadgets, home and yard, kitchen, grill and bar, personal care, safety and security, storage and organizer, tailgating and outdoors and travel accessories. What could you ask for? You don’t need to look to one website to another because AJ Prindle have a better products for a better living.

Actually we need a garage organizer, we have lot of things in our garage and we need to organize it. Good thing because AJ Prindle has garage organizer. Maybe we can order online so that we don’t need to go to the store. We can save gas and time too. How about you? Why not shop online at AJ Prindle? Visit now to see all the newest items of NFL products!


I delivered my bible study assignment very well this afternoon about "Why Jehovah's Witness dont celebrate Christmas. I am so happy about that, i succeed my 3rd assignment. I really learned a lot because before, i never knew all about this. Its nice also because i learned how to look the right scriptures in the bible. Next week, i have another assignment about "EnterFaith" that Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to go other religion churches. I will keep it posted after i finalized it :-) I am sure you would love to know about it. It can help you learn why Jehovah's Witness dont celebrate Christmas and other things.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big bear vacation rentals

There are many Filipinos living in California. I have a friend who live there in Big bear, LA and San Diego area. Isn’t that nice if we can come visit them and spend a week vacation in California? Driving to Las Vegas is only take 8 hours and I am sure California is the next city after Vegas. Not that far but hopefully we can come visit there. But because of today’s economy, I don’t think if that’s still possible. We need to wait until we can get our tax return so that we can have enough budget to travel again for next year. But wait a minute, I heard that offers a good deal and great prices for California Vacation Rentals. It said we can save money if we choose the Vacation rentals by owner at This is a great option to choose, instead of staying in the Hotel, then why not stay in one of the vacation rentals by owner? That’s a good idea isn’t it? Maybe we can bring some of our friends to stay with us in one of their homes, villas, condos and cabins and we can just split the bill, we can save money and we can enjoy our vacation together with my fellow Pinay friends! How about you? You can do the same too! You can choose the vacation rental in Palm Spring, LA, San Diego, Big bear vacation rentals, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe and many more! Visit now for more information about their vacation rentals especially at Big bear vacation rentals!


I have my personal bible study tomorrow and i need to get ready for my assignment about "Why Jehovah's Witness dont celebrate Christmas". Christmas is coming and i am sure many of you are wondering why Jehovah's Witness dont celebrate Christmas and any holiday celebrations. You will find out after i finished my assignment. I will keep you posted so that you have an idea why we dont celebrate christmas. I need to research it and look in the bible if december 25 is the real date of Jesus birth.

Heart attack library

What is the condition of your heart? Is it healthy or you having problem with it? We know that heart attack is one of the reason that caused death. This is a very scary thing that’s why we need to take care of our health and also our heart. To learn more about heart attack you can visit the You can also view the heart attack library video. If you like the video you can share it with your friends, family or someone that may benefit from watching the heart library. Visit now and see the good information about heart attack.

Princess is on heat!

Our female mastiff is on heat, so we need to make it sure that Thunder our male mastiff is away from her. We are not planning to breed them this year, we need to wait until next year to breed them. I keep them separated on day time and even at night time. Princess and Bandit (jackrussel terrier) stay in our kitchen at night then thunder and cocao stay in our bedroom. In day time Princess and Cocao (pitbull) are together and Bandit and Thunder stay on the Kennel outside. Everytime i let Princess and Cocao out, i always watch them coz maybe thunder will try to get out on the kennel again and he will might destroy the kennel hehe :-) i will only let them out for a couple minutes just to go pottie and poop and i will let them in and stay in the kitchen after while me and Dustin stay here in our bedroom and sometimes here in the computer room. :-)

Affordable Vacation Rentals in Florida!

We are planning our vacation for next year and we are thinking about going to Florida or maybe in the Philippines. We didn’t decided it yet but maybe next year we will finalized our plan. I remember, Mike telling me that he will bring me to Florida Keys one of this year, maybe next year or another year. It depends if we have enough budget to plan our next vacation. Vacation is too way expensive and Mike is the only one working in the family, I don’t have a job because I am a fulltime house maker and also we are expecting our second baby next year. I don’t know if we can still make it but who knows! We can get enough budget next year for our family vacation through our tax return. Will see about that.

But anyway, I would love to travel in Florida, that is one of my dream. Guess what? You can get a good deal if you visit I just found out online when I research about vacation rentals in Florida. There are thousand of Florida vacation rental homes, condos and villas in around Disney Orlando area, New Smyrna beach rentals, Florida keys, Miami and a lot more to choose. Good things about vacation rentals, they offer amenities not found in hotels such as private pools. We love to relax and enjoy our vacation and I am sure you feel the same too. So why not try take a look at the vacation rentals and the great prices available in Florida today? You can visit to see all the selection of available vacation rentals.

Schedule for this weekly meeting...

Every Tuesday is our Theocratic Ministry School. We try our best to be present eventhough Mike is tired from work. We already missed a lot of Tuesday meeting and this is the right time to make a change. Last night, we attend Theocratic School and we learned a lot and good thing is, next year starting on January 2009, they will change the schedule for our meeting. Instead of having Sunday meeting, Tuesday for Theocratic School and Wednesday for our Group Bible Study. They will make it all in one day. The time consume is only 1 hour and 45 minutes. So i think the bible study is only takes about 25 mins. 30 mins for theocratic school, 35 mins for service meeting and 5 minutes for the song and prayer at the beginning and at the end of the meeting. Thats a good news! at least we dont need to go 3 times a week and we can save gas too. I am sure we will always be present on that time. :-) Cant's wait for next year!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Scottsdale Rentals

Isn’t that great if you can save money for your next vacation? We love traveling but we only have a chance to travel once a year because my husband has vacation leave every year. Next year I am sure we will going to travel again. I don’t know where but will see. Anyway, talking about vacation, maybe you might plan your vacation at Scottsdale rentals. If you do, I will probably recommend you the website. There you can choose the Scottsdale Vacation Rentals and other vacation rentals area on the US. There are hundreds of condos, homes, cottages that you could choose for a very affordable price. I am sure you will going to have a memorable vacation if you try their special offer at Scottsdale Vacation Rentals. Actually one of our close friend from Denver have been to Arizona already last few months ago and I was wondering where in Arizona they stay. Well, maybe at Scottsdale or not. Too bad because I forgot to tell them about this website. I am sure if they knew it, they will save more for their family vacation that time. Better luck next time!

What I like most about this homeaway vacation rentals, you can spend less and travel more, you can also relax and enjoy your family or romantic vacation in one of their fabulous vacation rentals. You can have more privacy and enjoy every moment of it. The money you spend is really worth. What could you ask for? Visit and look for the special offer of the Scottsdale Vacation Rentals and choose the one that fits on your budget and needs!

Sleepy head...

Everyone are sleeping here except me hehe :-) i feel sleepy but i need to finished my tasked before i go to bed. I dont want to wait until tomorrow coz maybe i cant see those white opps anymore when i woke up tomorrow morning. I still have 6 white opps on my triple p dashboard and i dont know if that opps will stay until tomorrow. Will see what happen. Im almost done anyway so have a good evening everyone!

Kids Clothing

Looking for a cool kids clothing online? How about take a look at There you can find kids clothing roca wear from size 8-20, size 4-7x, toddlers, infants and newborn. Good thing because we are expecting baby next year so I will try if I can find a new born clothing for my little baby girl. They have great selection for newborn clothing and its kind a affordable. You can also find plus sizes for men and women, for big and tall. Not only that because they also has fragrances, accessories, sale, lifestyle and special offers. You can get anything you like without going to the store, you can save gas and time too! So hurry and start shopping online at!

Schumacher Homes Louisiana

Louisiana is one of the place I want to visit and maybe live there for good because I heard that Schumacher Homes Louisiana is known for quality construction, value and award winning designs especially when it comes to building homes. That’s what we are looking for! If ever we will move to Louisiana and built a new house? I am sure we will contact them right away. I want them to build our house in the near future. I don’t know when but will see. If you are looking for a most experienced building professionals in your area. I will recommend Schumacher Homes in Louisiana. They are more trusted and they already build their custom home for over 4,800 families since 1992. Whatever you like? They will make it possible for you. They will help you build your dream home. Visit now to find out more about Schumacher Homes!

Snack Time!

Im not used to it with midnight snack but since i am preggy and im eating for two, i am trying to eat snack before going to bed. And of course while im eating, im doing my thing here online too. Since my sister is not online, so i am spending my time dropping an EC. Guess what? i droped more than 150 today hehe :-) not so bad! Anyway before i go to bed i need to finish my tasked too. I still have 3 more to go!

Great Expectations

How many are you that are still single? Are you still looking for your true love? I heard so many successful couples who met to a dating site. There are many dating site available online and I knew one that maybe you might want to visit. is one of the local dating experts and they have 26 convenient locations which offer extensive services that are unrivaled in the dating industry. If other dating site didn’t work for you. How about trying their service? Who knows maybe the man or woman you are looking for is just there waiting for you. Its easy to access, you can just enter your zip code and you will receive a free profile review from one of their experienced representatives or you can either read the Great Expectations Review at their website.

I been on different dating website before when I was single. I am trying to find my soul mate online because I never found him on the place where I live in and im telling you, most of the dating site really works. Some of my friends also have successful marriage with the guy they met online. Why not try it? Nothing will lose if you try. This is your chance to met single girls and guys out there who are interested for a long time relationship. Sign up now and start seeking your true love at!

Dustin new pics...

Another cute photos of my 2 year old son Dustin. This is the latest one taken last 2 days ago. He is getting ready to go in our bible study. :-)

HomeAway Vacation Rentals

Vacation sounds exciting and adventure. But when it comes to prices, there are many vacation rentals that is way too much, you cant even afford with your own budget. Not with the HomeAway Vacation Rentals! Because they offer a very affordable vacation rentals across New York. I never been to New York but im hoping that Mike and I can visit there and spend a week or two weeks vacation in the nice city of New York. I look at their website and its really interesting because it said private vacation rentals cost much less than hotels. Well, maybe we can try that. If we can invite some friends and split the bills, I think that would be a good idea. We can get a better deal and we don’t need to pay much, we can also enjoy our vacation and see the nice places in New York.

HomeAway Vacation Rentals is not only available in New York City but it also available at Upstate New York, Long Island, Hudson Valley, Hamptons, Great Sacandaga Lake, Central-Leatherstocking, Catskills, Capital Saratoga, Berkshires and Adirondacks. These are the New York rentals destination that you might want to visit. The good thing that I really like for this HomeAway Vacation Rentals, you can have your own privacy. You don’t need to worry about the staff and you can relax and spend a romantic vacation with your love one or an exciting adventure vacation with your family. You can travel more and spend less at HomeAway Vacation Rentals because they have an affordable nightly rate that is right for your budget. What are you waiting for? Start planning your vacation at HomeAway Vacation Rentals. You can visit their website at for more information.

Drop an entrecard...

Im starting dropping an entrecard this morning. The credits to advertise on my blog increased, from 64 it becomes 128. Its not much but at least it increased hehe :-) I already dropped not more than 100 this morning but hopefully i can reach around 150-200 for the day. Will see... I need to drop more entrecard so that i can reach 150-200. So see yah then!

Poker Chips

Poker is the most popular game online, many people love this game. When it comes to Poker Chips Set, I know a website that I am sure you would like to visit. They have everything you need from 4 Aces poker chip sets, ace/king suited poker chip sets, deluxe dice, pyramid, professional edition, jackpot casino coin poker chip sets, multicolored, championship edition, 200 chips and carousel, U.S. Marines Seal Poker chip seat and a lot more to choose. You can get your favorite poker chip sets at For more information for payment, shipping and returns please visit their website and grab your own poker chips now!

Dropped down to Zero again?

Yay, my pagerank at my blogging journey dropped down to zero again. I was wondering because i thought they give my page rank back and it back to PR2 again but after few days it dropped down again to PR0. :-( that was so sad, thats why one of my tasked been rejected because they are looking for a blog that has page rank and it happens that yesterday my page rank dropped down. Anyway its okay, im still hoping that my page rank will come back and i can get more tasked in my blogging journey blog. Will see what happen about a week or maybe a month hehe :-)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Credit Cards

In the Philippines, applying credit cards is not easy. They ask for your valid ID and some other requirements that needed so that you can start apply a credit cards. Its very different here on the States, because you can apply credit cards online as fast and easy. There are hundreds and thousands of credit cards offers available today and its hard to decide which one is the best. That’s why choosing the right credit cards, you need to make it sure that they have everything you need like low interest rate credit cards , has low introductory APRs and no additional fees, the one that is easy to use and handle and not complicated credit cards.

I have Wells Fargo Credit Card, my credit card belongs to my husband, he apply a dual account and get me a credit card with my name on it. So I am using it every time I shop on the store. I never tried to apply for credit cards online and I wonder how it would be if I apply another credit card just for my own. I search online and came across this website at I can find the right credit cards for me that offer a cash back credit cards. Im also looking for a credit cards for balance transfer. How about if you have a bad credit history? I am sure they also offer a bad credit credit cards. That’s great isn’t it? At least I don’t need to go to one website to another because I already found the one that im looking for. So if you are looking for a credit cards either for personal or business use? is the right website for you. Visit now and get your own credit cards!

Hamburger time!

This is a picture of me and my 2 year old son Dustin. This photo taken last September 15 at Ouray downtown. We had lunch at one of the popular hamburger shop and they really make a good hamburger. Dustin has chicken nuggets and guess what? he eat all his food! What a good boy. Me? i only eat half of it and Mike help me to eat my hamburger hehe :-)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hillsborough county jail records

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Surprising tasked...

Wow, i cant believe that triple p giving me more than 3 tasked for this day. I was very surprised, i thought they wont give me any tasked at all. Im so thankful, at least i wont get bored today. Triple p giving me enough tasked and im looking forward to get more! hehe... Im hungry for more tasked! I never get any tasked this past few days from them. I got one but in different blog advertising. Anyway, thank you triple p and hopefully i can grab some more this afternoon. :-)

Family tree

I would love to create my own family tree. But the problem is I couldn’t remember the name of my ancestry and my family roots. I even lost contacts with them. I try to find the right database that could help me create my own family tree for free but I never found it. Im glad my friend recommend me this website at She said that I will find whatever ancestry document I need, so maybe I will give it a try and see how it works. How about you? Want to start your free family tree today? Visit and start your own family tree too!

Meeting a new pinay friend...

I meet a new Pinay friend yesterday, her name was Kristine. I text glady’s about it so that we can go at the Filipino Store to met her. Actually we schedule the date for yesterday so that we could met her at Tita’s house. It was so nice because we meet another Pinay friend that talk the same language as we do. She is from Butuan, she also speaks Bisaya. She just came here in Grand Junction few weeks ago. It was nice meeting her, she’s kind a nice and I am sure yesterday wont be our last meet. We will meet again next time with some of my Pinay friends here in Grand Junction.

Free death records

Have you lost your love ones? I already lost 3 love ones including my father, elder sister and brother. I don’t know if my mom keep their death certificates. But anyway, if you like to search for a death certificate of your love ones then this free death records at is the right website for you. This is available only in United States because their archive includes an array of death certificates found in the United States. So whichever record you desire, they will find it for you quickly. So hurry and start searching death certificates now, its only a click away!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Ultrasound

Baby Face
Another Baby Face
Its a Girl!
Here are the photos of my ultrasound result. Im on my 5 months pregnancy. And we will going to have a baby girl! we are so happy about it. I cant wait to see my little baby girl. I am sure Dustin will be happy to have a baby sister. :-)

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Last night i was cooking a beef roast in the crockpot. But the problem is i left the crock pot overnight. My husband turn off the crock pot in the morning and he told me that the beef roast already burned and dry out. He add water in it but it doesn't look good anymore. Well... its my fault because i didn't turned it off last night. I ask Mike if its okay if we just let it cook overnight but then i didn't realize how long the beef roast is on the crock pot. Hmmm i think it cooked approximately 12 hours, thats why it burned hehe... Anyway, better try next time and make it sure not to leave the crock pot on overnight. :-)

Looking for a Maternity Jeans

We went to the store this afternoon even the weather is not really good. It was raining hard and its really cloudy. We like to buy Dustin slippers so that he can use while he is inside the house, to keep his feet warm. I am having hard time looking for a jeans on my size. I am size 0-1 and i need to look for a petite size too. My belly starting to get big so i need a jeans that can easily stretch like a garter jeans or a motherhood jeans. I never find one, it takes me a long time to find my size. We been to JCPenny, Sears, Target, Store for Maternity and more. But you know what? all the sizes are way too big for me and some of them are way too long. We came across to the store where they have all my sizes and guess what? I found 2 slacks but not the one that i am looking for hehe :-) but i think this is okay for now, maybe i will try to look at the other store maybe they have a right size for me. Will see...

My Page Rank is back?

Right now when i check the page rank of this blog, i was very surprised because my page rank came back to PR2 instead of PR1. Im so happy, at least even i dont have page rank in my other blog at My blogging Journey and Blog exploration, the important is i still have page rank at this blog and also at my thoughts of life blog. I can still make money through blogging. I cant wait that google will give my page rank back. My opps is kind a slow today but its okay, i can still wait for another month to get more opps. :-)

Dustin Meeting Outfit...

Dustin sitting down on our couch with his daddy. He looks pretty good in here. Just like he is saying "Mommy, do i look handsome?" hehe :-) of course you are my baby!

He loves to pose infront of the camera. On this photo you can see how happy he is, he give me a big smile!

His dancing at this photo. He is big kid now!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Today is not a good day because of the weather. Its kind a cloudy and foggy. It rains little bit but I am sure at the Mesa its raining a lot. So I am not sure if the weather tomorrow will still the same. If that happens? It means our trip going to Ouray Box Canyon will be postponed. I am looking forward for that trip. I look up the weather online and it said it will be cloudy and maybe it will rain tomorrow. Well, maybe we can have a trip next week. We just receive a call from our sister in our congregation and she said we are invited for a group picnic tomorrow afternoon at The Grand Mesa Canyon View Park. I am not sure where the location is but I know Mike knows that place. So instead of going to Ouray Box Canyon tomorrow then we will just stay here in the house and wait for our group picnic in the afternoon at 4:00pm

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Google Update...

Google is updating, no wonder my page rank get affected with this google update. Its a big slapped for those who has a higher page rank. My blogging journey is now PR0 instead of PR2. This blog become PR1 instead of PR2. My Blog Exploration still PR0 and my thoughts of life blog is PR1. So i have 2 blog that has PR1 and the rest are PR0. Hopefully at the next google update, they will give my page rank back. Having page rank is a big help to make money online through blogging. Now i wont expect that i can get more tasked for the day but hopefully i can still get opps eventhough my page rank went to zero. :-)

Lock him up!

Since Dustin put milk in our fish tank, im started to lock him up here in the computer room. Not totally lock him in a room but i put gate to make it sure that he cant go to the living room while im here in our computer room. I put gate in the whole way, so he can only go either in our bedroom or here in our computer room. I can easily see and watch him. Thats a good thing though, now that he is growing up and he learned a lot now. I need to be more careful. Kids are smart, we never know what they will going to do. So as a mother i need to keep away all the cleaning stuff, make it sure that its locked and away from him especially the sharp things like knife or even sharp toys. The door? i always make sure that its locked coz the last time i didn't lock the door, he went outside and went to our neighbors house, it scared me to death that . So from now on, i dont want to make it happen again. Hopefully he will cooperate hehe :-)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Fish Tank...

Do you know what happen to our fish tank? it becomes white and blured. At first i didn't noticed it but when i look at the fish tank i was wondering why it becomes white. I just found out when Dustin came to me and said "mommy, dustin wash hands fish, fish eat milk". So i knew it! Dustin wash his hand at the fish tank and pour his glass of milk there and also his fish crackers. I was really worried coz maybe the fish will die, i tried to take the fish out and clean it but i need to wait Mike till he get home from his bible study, then we can change the water in our fish tank and change the filter too. Until now the fish tank still blurry and white, hopefully nothing will happen to the fish.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Feeling better

Dustin was feeling better now but he still have a little bit of runny nose and cough, i still giving him tylenol every 4-5 hours. Last night he sleep really good, i never heard him snore a lot like the last time when he has a fever. He's been good so far today and he try to help me doing things here in the house. Im so glad he already feel better, it worried me a lot everytime he get sick. I know all mommies feel that way and hopefully Dustin will always be healthy like before :-)

Corporate Christmas Cards

I like giving Christmas cards to my love ones and friends especially before when I was single. But right now I never had a chance to give Christmas cards or any occasion cards to them because we are not celebrating anymore occasions except anniversaries. But anyway, I am sure all of you still celebrating this occasions and wants to be a part of it, why not give your love ones and friends with this great all-occasion cards collection from They offer limited time 40% discount and also you can take $75 off each order through September 24th. The good thing is you can also help children at Texas Children’s Hospital by placing a holiday card on each patient’s tray table during the holiday season. Either your looking for an any occasion cards they all have it all. You can choose either personalized card, business card or custom card. Shopping online is more convenience than going to the store and find the greeting cards that you need. So, you better check their website and find the perfect occasion card you like for a very affordable price. They offer a good deal right now and you can save more if you shop online for a Corporate Christmas Cards or any occasion cards. Visit for more information.

Family Photos...

Its nice to have a family photos and im glad i got a new one. We took this photos when my mother-in-law visited us here. This photo taken last Sunday, September 21, 2008. Its nice to see her and hopefully we can see her again next year.