Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pass it to the front tag...

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

What a relief...

Being here in our new house is really great. New place, new friends and new neighborhood. We need to move in other congregation also because instead of going to Appleton Congregation we end up going to Redlands Congregation. We try our best to go to the meeting every Sunday and book study on Thursday. I know its hard from the start because we just moved and I still need to arrange all the things here so it takes about 2-3 weeks before Im done arranging it all. That time we missed a lot of meeting but after that we try our best to be present and keep attending meeting. It helps a lot especially in our relationship. It helps to keep our relationship stronger everyday. Sometimes we have misunderstanding but we never forget to talk each other and ask for forgiveness if someone did mistake. Nobody’s perfect, especially that mike and I have language barrier and sometimes we really ends up of misunderstanding. Im still thankful that Mike has patience on me and I do too for him. I try my best to listen but sometimes.. I don’t know it just happen you know.

Moving for the second time...

Moving for the second time is very stressful but it was good though because not like when we move from Silverthorne to Grand Junction, we really had a long drive that time its about 3 and a half drive. Now? Its only takes about 10-15 minutes. One month before our moving, I packed all the things we need and separate everything in one box. We have extra box that time so we don’t need to buy boxes to packed all our things and belongings. While Mike at work, I am staying in the house busy packing. Dustin help me to packed too hehe. Well he is not really helping but seeing him playing and having fun doing his stuff, I am happy with it and all my tiredness are gone every time I see my little baby. Our moving went very smooth and before we move of course Mike wants to get a mastiff puppies so we drove up to Denver and La Junta to get a male and female mastiff. He has plan to breed them and they are 1 year old this time, they are growing a lot. Dustin is 16 months old when we moved to our new house. He really changed a lot too, he is very curious in everything and he likes to explore. But we missed the park a lot because the time when we still live in the house we rented at Chipeta Avenue. The park is only 1 block away from the house, here in our new house? We need to drive to go to the park and hopefully this coming Spring we can go to the park and let Dustin play in there.

Grandma is Visiting...

After 2-3 months staying in our rented house, we receive a call that Mike’s mom will going to be here with us, spending 2 weeks vacation. She really wants to see his grand son Dustin, I think Dustin is about 9 months old that time. We went to Utah to see the Arches National Park, to see the Indian Paintings and went to Gleenwood Hot Spring. It was fun and it was really memorable. Wish we could see Mike’s mom again and guess what? She came back last October 2007. We already moved that time in our new house here in Orchard Mesa area. We found a nice house, with wood floor and carpeted room with 3 bed and 2 bath. Have nice big backyard and nice neighborhood too. We are happy to our new house and we will start a new life here.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

His Walking!

When the time that Dustin feel like he is ready to walk, he just don’t want to stop. He walk and walk around the house but still he walk tip toe. Its funny because he woke when we have visitors in the house. He is so happy that he did, I take video of him with that but I forgot to upload it in you tube or google videos. Wish I have that video so that I can still see the first time he walk that time. He is cutie, I am so happy to see him walking and he is really excited and feel curious about everything when he learn how to walk. After that he always fall and it takes about 2 month before he walk again. He start walking when he is 12 months then after 14 months, he is very independent now because he knows that he can walk already so I bring him to our backyard and let him walk by itself. He did good so far, he fall sometimes but he tried to stand up and continue walking.

At his crib

Dustin is not used to it to sleep on his crib alone. We took out his crib when he was 11 months old, its hard at first because he screams a lot. He don’t want to be on his crib. His hurting himself because he hit his head on the crib. It makes me worried you know and I tell Mike maybe he is not ready to sleep on his crib and we just need to let him sleep in our bed if he always does that. Mike told me just let him cry and scream because if he get tired then he will go to sleep. If we being consistent then he will learn how to sleep on his crib alone. Its hard for me because it makes me cried also every time I heard him crying. Mike just laugh at me sometimes and always telling me not to worry about because Dustin will be okay and he will sleep when he get tired. But I say when? If he cant breath because his crying all the time? He looks so horrible that time, that’s why I take Dustin on his crib and let him sleep on our bed then tomorrow I will try again if he still the same. But after few days he get used to it though and im so thankful for that at least its not hard for me to put him on sleep at his crib because if its nap time already, I just put him on the crib and shake the crib for a while and then he will go to sleep after.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Climb on the Stairs...

At the age of 10-12 months old Dustin is very hyper and energetic boy. He is crawling everywhere. When you put him on the living room, after few minutes you will find him on the bedroom or in the kitchen. One time while im washing the dishes and I put him in our living room and give him lot of toys to play but when I came back, he is not there anymore and I was wondering where he is and I remember right away that the door upstairs is open and im very scared that time because im thinking maybe he climbed upstairs. Well.. I am right! Because you know what? He is already upstairs! I cant believe how fast he can climbed up there but it really makes me worried a lot, how if he fall? how if something happen to him while im washing the dishes? I will really blame myself for letting the door open. I was forgot to close the door and put the gate in there but im so glad nothing is happen. He is so happy when he reach the top of the stairs. He is looking down and he is laughing when he see me. Silly little kid makes me worried so much. Mike will going to kill me if something happen to Dustin so after that I make it sure that the door upstairs is closed and has a gate on it.

Sitting Pretty

Dustin start sit down on his own when he was 7-8 months I think. That was really memorable because he start to crawl first and push himself upward then go hold on to the table and start pushing himself up but he ends up sitting down and he loves it of course, I love seeing him smiling and laughing every time he does that. He loves grabbing different kind of toys, we have 2 dogs that time and Dustin loves to sit down beside on our dog and its so cute to watch him with our doggies. He loves to play all his toys but of course he get easily destructed with the TV or with the music. He loves to explore different things, so I need to watch him all the time and make it sure that the door upstairs is lock or have a gate on it so that he cant go to the stairs. I try to destruct him specially if he get interested to those electronics stuff like TV, radio, alarm clock, telephone, etc. He likes electronics than his toys though hehe.


I breastfeed Dustin since he was born and until he was 2 years old. Breastfeeding is the thing I always love because as a first time mom it’s a good feeling for me when my little baby is very peaceful sleeping in my arms. Mike always tell me to wean him early but I am still not ready yet and as well Dustin, he is not ready if I stop breastfeeding. We still enjoy each moment together and im loving it of course. We can have a great bond together as a mother and son. He is such a good baby though, even he already has teeth, he never bite my nipple. Well.. He bite me once but when I gave him a slap on his head, not too hard of course just enough to make him shock hehe. At least he will know that its bad to bite mommy’s tits and after that he never do it again. I always talk with him every time I am breastfeeding him, telling him always not to bite mommy and be a good boy. He did good so far and when he reach at 2 years old I decided to stop nursing him and it went pretty good because we are both ready that time. So to those mommy out there, don’t force your baby to wean breastfeeding. The time comes when they are ready, it will be easier for you to wean him because if mom and baby are both ready then that’s a good thing to start.


Dustin don’t like pacifier a lot but when he is on his first month until 5 months, he likes the pacifier, I always let him suck his pacifier every time I put him into sleep because he can sleep right away when he has pacifier on his mouth. When he is 6-7 months old, he starting not to like it because he spit the pacifier and he do it again and again. Im get tired of putting it back to his mouth because when he spit it you need to wash it again and make it sure that its clean before he put it on his mouth. I buy different kind of pacifier in different color also but I just end up wasted because he didn’t use it. He can sleep now better even without pacifier on his mouth. I noticed that many kids is really into pacifier even at the age of 2 to 3 years old. I can still see many of the kids using pacifier until now. Will I think Dustin is ready not to use pacifier anymore and that’s a good thing at least he learned it earlier at his age and its not hard for me to wean and stop him using the pacifier.

Friday, March 21, 2008

At the Park...

Every afternoon I bring Dustin at the park so that he can play swing and slide. He is about 7-8 months old that time. He really love to be in the swing. He laugh a lot and he really enjoy it. I bring the stroller of course so that I don’t need to carry him. It was sunny and warm that time and its nice to be out in the park every afternoon. We go to the park every 3 or 4 o’clock because Mike will be home at 5:00pm so it just the right time to go home and start cooking for dinner. Of course before we go to the park Dustin need to take a nap first. He mostly take a nap at 1-2:00pm and when he woke up I changed him, put him on the stroller and go to the park! I always love to see him laughing when his in the swing. Even until now he still love it, maybe he can remember the first time we went to the park. Hehe.

We rent a house...

When we move to Grand Junction, we make it sure that someone will rent the house also so that its not too hard for us to pay the mortgage every month. We found a nice couple who are interested in our house in Silverthorne and they are willing to rent the house for 1 year or maybe more. We rented a house too here in Grand Junction. Before we buy a house we need to make it sure that we like the place and maybe after the 1 year rental contract, we will plan to buy a new house. Moving is very hard because you need to arrange everything again. Im glad because the moving company that we rented are very professional. They are really professional in packing all our things and im so glad because nothing get broken especially all those glasses and kitchen wares. It takes me about 1 week before I finished arranging all our things. I like our new house that we rent, its wood floor and its easy to clean. But I need to clean it everyday especially the floor because Dustin starting to crawl now and I want to make it sure that the floor is clean. It makes me mad every time I see dog’s hair on the floor but I can’t do anything because we have 2 dogs in our house. So every time Dustin crawling on the floor I still see dog’s hair on Dustin clothes. I met new friends in the neighbors and the good thing is we are near to the park its one blocked away from the house. it’s a walking distance also from City Market.

We are moving!

Last July 2006 Mike and I decided to move here in Grand Junction. He is sick with the weather there in Silverthorne. Winter time is really bad there, its always snowing all the time. I think Silverthorne have 6 months of winter unlike here in Grand Junction they only have 3 months of winter. What I like there in Silverthorne is that they have nice view, great scenery and very quiet place. But it’s a long drive going to downtown its about 30-35 minutes drive. Im always worried especially if Mike is at work, in case of emergency I think I am not sure what im going to do because I don’t know how to drive that time, our neighbor’s house is not that close and I even don’t see any people there. I only see few especially if we get our mail to the mailbox. Its 1 block away from the house. Every morning when I woke up I always look at the window and see if I can see people there but I don’t. I think they are all busy working and doing their stuff inside their house. Well 2 weeks before we moved to Grand Junction, we drove to Grand Junction and find houses to rent. We find the rental house that we like. Dustin is about 7 months old that time. Mike teach me how to drive before while where in Grand Junction. So im used to drive in highway not in downtown. We have 2 cars, escape and ford truck. I am the one who drive the ford truck because mike don’t want to go back again and get that truck. I am just following Mike while his driving the escape. Bandit is with him and Dustin and Cocao is with me. Im kind a nervous but im glad I did make it. We arrive in Grand Junction safe and mike told me that I did good for my driving.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Busy baby...

At his 6 months old age, he starting to crawl, every time I make him sit? he always fall. So I make it sure that I put a pillow on each side so that he wont get hurt when he fall. He loves to grab any kind of toys especially if its colorful and those toys that have sounds too. So at the age of 6 months, that the time that he is in the middle of one of the most exciting periods of infancy. Sometimes Dustin concentrate on trying to creep, his making a lot of noise hehe. That was so cute every time I heard him trying to talk but he cant still talk at his early age. When I put him on the floor, you will noticed that after few minutes you will see him moving and trying to crawl everywhere. Baby at that age is really curious in everything. Just like Dustin when he starting to learn how to crawl. He loves to go to the TV and push the button in there. It makes me worried of course because maybe he will going to hurt him self or maybe he will get electric with the plug. So Mike make it sure that all the plugs are covered and those sharp things need to be away especially if I am cooking in the kitchen. But he cant do anything because sometimes I locked him on his high chair and give him some snack so that he can enjoy himself chewing the food I am giving him. Well, he has already teeth so im trying to give him some solid food. At first he don’t like it but he loves to chew anything hehe.

Dustin first teeth

I think Dustin had his first teeth when he was about 5 months old. Because I can remember the time when we went for a long trip going to Michigan, because he is drawling a lot that time. I need to wipe his mouth every now and then. He tried to chew my finger one time and its hurt because I already feel the teeth coming out on his lower gums. I think he had a fever that time when his tooth came out. I gave him baby Tylenol for his fever and im glad because his fever is gone after 2 days. God… I cant even sleep that time thinking about that my little baby has fever and sick. His always crying at night and it bothers Mike so much because he has work early in the morning and he needs to wake up early. But what can I do? Kids are crying when they feel hurt, but of course as a first time mom its really hard to see your baby crying all the time. It makes me cry too when I see him crying. So what did I do? I sleep on Dustin’s room and close the door so that his daddy won’t hear him crying. I keep nursing him every 2-3 hours, and im glad it helps to make him go back sleep and feel better because his mama is here with him. I love to cuddle him all the time and to see him very peaceful sleeping on the bed, makes me feel better too because at least his fever is gone and after a day he become so active and happy that loves to play and chew everything he see hehe.

Dustin second hike...

When Dustin is 6-7 months, Mike and I decided to go for a family hiking at one of the abandon place near in Vail somewhere, I forgot the name of that road. We bring Cocao with us (our pitbull), its not a tough hike because the road is only going straight up. But I was really tired that time, I cant hardly catch my breath hehe, I always stop to take a rest and catch my breath. Dustin been good boy because you know what? He is just sleeping on the backpack where you can put the baby on your back. Mike carrying him all the way to the top, I am sure Mike is really tired that time when we reach the hill. We took some pictures of course, we found an abandon mine and abandon house, I think that was about 1980’s house. Maybe Indian people live there, I don’t know. It only takes about half hour to reach the top but when we get there? We grab something to eat and have some snack because I am really thirsty, hungry and tired that time. We never stay too long, we seen some other old couples too there, hiking and some young couples. It seems like they went to the top, but we never do it because I think we cant make it though especially that we have baby with us. Maybe next time if we can come back there again.

We went to the Zoo!

Last year 2006 when Dustin is about 5 months old, we went to Denver Zoo. It was fun and Dustin is really good, it seems like he is enjoying seeing those animals, he always moving his arms like saying “bye bye” to the animals hehe. Im glad we bring the stroller because Dustin starting to get heavy that time. I don’t need to worry about it so much because Mike is there to carry Dustin all the time. I love taking pictures and I am so happy that I take nice photos with me and Dustin as well as Dustin and his daddy. We stay there for about 2-3 hours to look all the animals inside the Zoo. I never been into the Zoo before because we don’t have this kind of animals in the Philippines.

It was very warm that time, its hot and sunny. But we enjoyed every moment with it. Maybe next time when we come back there again, dustin already know what kind of animals it is. I try to teach him all kinds of animals and he did pretty good. Eventhough he cant pronounce it right but at least his trying and you can still understand what he is saying. Now that we live far away from Denver, we never had a chance to go back there again unless Mike has safety meeting or if we visit some of our friends there. That was last year when we came back not this year.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dustin at the Pool...

While were in Michigan, we go to the clubhouse near on Mike’s mom apartment. That is Dustin first time to be in the pool. He is really cutie, just like his mom! Hehe. Well, everyone there are staring at me, maybe they are thinking “is that the mother of that baby? She is like a kid with her swim suit!” hehe. I don’t care what anybody people say but I am so proud to have Dustin in my life. She looks so cutie with his swimming pants, its really warm that time. Mike’s spray Dustin with sunscreen lotion so that he wont get sunborn. I am really tan after our swimming even though I put lot of sunscreen lotion but still it didn’t help. I get sunborn on my forehead but It was okay, not so bad. Dustin enjoyed the water a lot, he always love to swim, he do splashing and make bubbles. I am enjoying watching Dustin and Mike at the pool, they are so cute, like father like son hehe…

First trip to Michigan

When Dustin is 5 months old, we decided to go for a long trip to Michigan. We will visit Mike’s family there especially Dustin’s Grandma. I know Mike mom are really excited to see Dustin. That is Dustin first trip ever. He is really been a good boy because he don’t cry so much while were on the car. He is so quiet at his car seat, he loves to sleep on the car. After I feed him for breakfast, lunch and his dinner he just fall asleep. I always transfer at the back seat to change him diaper and feed him, I keep nursing him every 2-3 hours. I am so thankful because even though I don’t have a big breast but I make a lot of milk with it, just enough for my little one.

We arrived safe in Michigan. I meet Mike’s mom for the first time and im so happy because I can get along with them and they like me already for our first met. Mike’s mom is really happy to see his grandson Dustin. She loves to play with Dustin and make him laugh. We take a lot of photos on that time, its very memorable. We stay there for about 2 weeks, not so bad! For 2 weeks vacation in Michigan, we really had a great time. We visit beautiful places in Michigan and go for a ride. It’s a long trip but its really worth it.

His first baby food...

When Dustin is about 3-4 months old im starting giving him baby cereal. First he don’t like it but the more im giving him apple sauce and some baby cereal he starting to get used to it. It is fun to watch them eating. After I feed him cereal I nursed him and put him into his basset so that he can sleep. Their is no day that I never play with him. I put him on his aquarium swing while im doing my stuff in the house like cleaning and cooking, he likes to be in that swing, grandma gave that swing as a gift for Dustin. Everytime I put him in the swing, you can see right away how happy he is because he is laughing and enjoying every time he hears the music and see those colorful light. Its kind a new to them, he tried to reach the colorful light too. I always read him book every night also before he go to bed. So feeding him is not that hard, as a parents we just need to be patience.

Getting to know me tag...

Got this tag from Joy, thank you joy for sharing this tagged.

I AM… always want to be myself, not fake and always friendly
I WANT…to travel the world before i die and give my mom a better life.
I HAVE… a loving husband a lovable son that i always treasure in my life. I have also my family and friends that always there for me.
I WISH…that i give a better future for my son and give better life to my mama.
I HATE...crimes, wars and everything that is bad!
I FEAR… that i could lost my loveones.
I SEARCH…for more opps for the day hehe :-)!
I WONDER…why lots of people are not happy right now.
I REGRET…what i do for my past.
I LOVE…everyone especially my son, mike, my family and all my friends out there.
I ALWAYS…try to be happy and always think positive.
I AM NOT…perfect, i can do mistake sometimes but i try to changed.
I DANCE…oh yeah, thats my thing. I love dancing since when i was a kid. I SING…especially when i have the microphone, even my voice is not as good as professional singers but at least i try hehe :-).
I CRY....when i get hurt, when i saw sad movies or if i see someone who is crying especially if its my loveones.
I WRITE…anything that comes to mind.
I WON…a trophy! that is Dustin my little trophy hehe
I AM CONFUSED…sometimes
I NEED…to finish my tasked and cook dinner for tonight.
I SHOULD…try to be in hurry now because i am run out of time.

I am passing this tag to Janet, Weng, Debs, Laradee, Elaine and Switz Pinay.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

His First Hiking Trip...

When he was 4 months, we take him for our first hiking trip at Cataract Lake. Mike bring his hiking bag where he can put Dustin on his back. It was really nice that day, it’s little bit windy but our hiking is very memorable. Dustin having fun with it, he laughs a lot every time I tickle his toes. But it didn’t take too long because he fall asleep while were on hiking. But it was fun! Wish we can go hiking this year, now that Dustin is 2 years old, maybe its not hard to bring him huh? Because he can walk alone now and he love walking, he even don’t want me to carry him. Its good for me because he is heavy, so if his getting tired, daddy is there to carry him hehe.

He is getting Chunky!

At the age of 3-4 months, Dustin starting to grow, his getting big and chunky. He is like a ball, he has this round face and cutie chunky cheeks. I always love to take pictures of him, every single day I always bring my camera because I want to took pictures of him especially when he is sleeping, when his playing, when he’s laughing and smiling. It was fun to watch him you know… he really makes me excited all the time. Its really a good feeling if you have your own baby. Its very different if you hold other babies that its not your own but baby is fun isn’t it? I love babies especially my own little one.

Dustin when he was 3 months old...

I noticed that when Dustin is 3 months old? He started to lift her chest up a bit, his head is much less wobbly and he tried to push outward with his feet too as though he’s trying to bounce. He loves it every time I talk and play with him with his little colorful toy, he cries when I left her alone on his basset, he always love to see me and his happy every time I kissed and tickle him. I love the feeling every time he hold my fingers, they have such a cutie little hands, soft and its very sensitive.

I remember when I put him on our carpeted floor, I also put a big blanket with it but at his age? His really moving a lot, he tried to crawl, pushing himself outward and when I check on him his already outside the blanket. So I need to carry him back to the blanket and give him colorful toys, because he likes colorful things. You can see on their eyes how interested they are on that colorful objects. He tried to put it on his mouth sometimes that’s why I always keep an eye on him. I nursed him every 3-4 hours, I tried to give him bottle milk but he still refused it so I give up. I like it when he is in my arms because he is very calm and peaceful. He can sleep right away, he is such a good baby.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How about the Sleep Time on the second month?

On his sleeping time at night? Well he sleep about 4-5 hours at night, so I only woke up about 2-3am. When he woke up I nursed him for few minutes and he go back to sleep after. It said that when the baby reached 11 lbs and overcome early digestive difficulties, he may sleep as long as six hours by the sixth week and by the end of the month he will probably be sleeping a bit longer than that. Dustin sleep 5-6 hours when he is 2 months or 3 months I think. I cant remember that was long time ago hehe. I always watch him all the time and change his position on his sleeping because mostly he too much sleeping in one position. I don’t want that his head will get flat if he sleep on his back all the time. Sleeping in one position can actually flatten a part of baby’s head and I don’t want to happen with Dustin. He has a nice round shape head and its really cute. I let him sleep also with his stomach but of course I need to watch him all the time because maybe he can’t breath or cant move his head. But I was really surprised because at his early age, he is strong because he can move his head while his sleeping on his stomach. I noticed it every an hour when he change his head position.

The Second Month...

The 2nd month is the start where he give you a smile, he started moving a lot and guess what? He fall about 3 times, I was worried that time but im so glad because we have a carpeted floor is not too hurt for him every time he fall. I make it sure he is safe that’s why I keep an eye on him every minute of the day. I spend some of my time also online while he is sleeping but I put the basset near on me so that I can watch him when he is sleeping. Now that they can see, they will spend more of his time awake and alert. He do a lot of kicking and flailing, that’s the way they do the exercise. Their head still wobbly, the neck muscles are coming under control. At the end of second month, you will notice that they can probably be able to lift their head while he/she’s lying on her stomach. Well, if the baby starting to get active, watch out that baby doesn’t fall. So never underestimate your baby’s abilities, because before when I put him on the bed, when I am in the bathroom when I came back he is already on the floor, so funny because he even didn’t cry! I was worried that time of course, but I think he is fine, he even laughs when I get him and put it back on the bed. When Dustin fall 3 times, I call our Pediatrician and make an appointment for him but the doctor said he is fine. That’s a big relief for me though hehe. The doctor told me that if he falls, I need to stay calm because it happens to almost all babies.

2 months old baby, you will noticed that baby started to soothe himself with sucking. He responds to a person’s presence with excitement, he’s quiet when someone trying to hold him or if he’s being held and response to a person’s face and voice. Physically? They stares vaguely at surroundings, can hold head up for a few seconds, they love to hold object but only takes few minutes or longer. Their eye movement will coordinates in a circle when watching an object. They even studies their hand movements. It is fun to watch them doing that, when Dustin does all this things? I always love to play with him and introduce him with different objects.

The First Month...

The first month is really great especially when I see him responding physically. He will stare something but wont reach for it, can look sideways with eyes to view an object, fingers are pried open, he can grasp toys. His arm, leg and hand movements are jerky and uncontrolled. He can makes eye contact already that time and he response a lot when he hears human voices especially when I called him with his name, he respond right away that he wants me to carry him. I know babies like on his first month age can recognizes mother’s voice and smell, which he remembers from before birth. Everytime he cries, I will just pick him up and sing a lullaby then he will be quiet already and ready to go sleep. He never give me hard time, he only cries if he is hungry, hurt or not feel good but he is such a happy baby, he loves to play especially when he started see things, he smiled and laugh a lot.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The 1st Week...

At the first week, Dustin never gave me hard time, i am breastfeeding him and i am enjoying every moment when he is in my arms. He easily fall asleep when i nursed him. He cries at night but not so much, as a first time mom, its really hard of course because you cant have enough sleep at night. But i am happy with it, everytime i hear him crying, it makes me woke up right away. I always love to see him sleeping, he give me that cutie smile and i am so blessed to have him in our life.

I tried many times to give him bottle milk but he always refused it. He loves my milk though hehe :-) and its good because i know that breastfeeding is a good source of nutrients for the babies and our bonds as mother and son are getting stronger more and more everyday. I even dont want to let him go in my arms. And i always want him to sleep on my side but my husband refused it, he wants the baby on the crib or at his basset because it bothers him when the baby is crying. I understand why he acted like that because he still have work, he needs to woke up early but he is such a good father, he take care of dustin and if his day off he is the one who watch Dustin while im resting :-)

New born Dustin

When i arrive here in the States, i am 8 months pregnant that time. Its kind a hard because i am traveling alone. But i have to, just to be with my love. Some of the airlines dont want me to travel because they are scared maybe i will labor the baby on the plane but i told them i am 8 months and my doctor said i am safe to travel. I bring all my papers and stuff and im glad because Air Philippines let me go unlike the Philippine Airlines they are very strict.

I arrive in Colorado safe, but i was really tired that time. But i am so happy because Mike pick me up at San Francisco Airport and we stay together at the Hotel for 1 night. I arrive December and i labor our first baby last January 2, 2005, its been 2 years ago but that moments is very memorable. I labor our first baby at Dillon Medical Center, he is 6lbs and 7ounces. He is breech thats why the doctor need to do CS-Section, i dont feel any pain at all, but when the time that i want to practice walking after 2 days, i felt the pain on my cs-section, it makes me cry but im glad they give me epidoral right away.
So here is the photo of my little one when he first come out hehe :-)

My Parenting Blog

This is my new parenting blog, so please add me up to your blogroll. I create a new parenting blog because i am not happy anymore with my thoughts of life blog. I am trying to transfer some of my post there to here. So i am hoping that i can do that as soon as possible before i will delete my other blog. Its so hard to let it go that blog because its already has a higher page rank. But maybe i can leave it like that, thats my personal blog though, i cant accept any paid reviews with that blog. Too bad because they are very strict when it comes to that matter. Wordpress template is my favorite but i cant do anything about it this time. They are the owner so they can decide what they want to do with the other wordpress blog member. I know i am not the only one who accept paid post, but hope to those who accepting paid post to wordpress, be aware :-)

Anyway, i am happy because i made a new blog. This blog is all about me as a mother, a wife and as a parents too. So watch out for my new posties and thanks for everyone! happy blogging!