Monday, March 10, 2008

The 1st Week...

At the first week, Dustin never gave me hard time, i am breastfeeding him and i am enjoying every moment when he is in my arms. He easily fall asleep when i nursed him. He cries at night but not so much, as a first time mom, its really hard of course because you cant have enough sleep at night. But i am happy with it, everytime i hear him crying, it makes me woke up right away. I always love to see him sleeping, he give me that cutie smile and i am so blessed to have him in our life.

I tried many times to give him bottle milk but he always refused it. He loves my milk though hehe :-) and its good because i know that breastfeeding is a good source of nutrients for the babies and our bonds as mother and son are getting stronger more and more everyday. I even dont want to let him go in my arms. And i always want him to sleep on my side but my husband refused it, he wants the baby on the crib or at his basset because it bothers him when the baby is crying. I understand why he acted like that because he still have work, he needs to woke up early but he is such a good father, he take care of dustin and if his day off he is the one who watch Dustin while im resting :-)


Elaine said...

Dustin really looks adorable. I am glad to see you are enjoying motherhood. :)


janet said...

Fe,your blessing to have him.. cute ayo c dustin, maau pka napa didi nmu xa ako ako duha ka baby wla gyud kay work mn ko isa pa wla sulod ako didi .