Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Second Month...

The 2nd month is the start where he give you a smile, he started moving a lot and guess what? He fall about 3 times, I was worried that time but im so glad because we have a carpeted floor is not too hurt for him every time he fall. I make it sure he is safe that’s why I keep an eye on him every minute of the day. I spend some of my time also online while he is sleeping but I put the basset near on me so that I can watch him when he is sleeping. Now that they can see, they will spend more of his time awake and alert. He do a lot of kicking and flailing, that’s the way they do the exercise. Their head still wobbly, the neck muscles are coming under control. At the end of second month, you will notice that they can probably be able to lift their head while he/she’s lying on her stomach. Well, if the baby starting to get active, watch out that baby doesn’t fall. So never underestimate your baby’s abilities, because before when I put him on the bed, when I am in the bathroom when I came back he is already on the floor, so funny because he even didn’t cry! I was worried that time of course, but I think he is fine, he even laughs when I get him and put it back on the bed. When Dustin fall 3 times, I call our Pediatrician and make an appointment for him but the doctor said he is fine. That’s a big relief for me though hehe. The doctor told me that if he falls, I need to stay calm because it happens to almost all babies.

2 months old baby, you will noticed that baby started to soothe himself with sucking. He responds to a person’s presence with excitement, he’s quiet when someone trying to hold him or if he’s being held and response to a person’s face and voice. Physically? They stares vaguely at surroundings, can hold head up for a few seconds, they love to hold object but only takes few minutes or longer. Their eye movement will coordinates in a circle when watching an object. They even studies their hand movements. It is fun to watch them doing that, when Dustin does all this things? I always love to play with him and introduce him with different objects.

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