Thursday, March 27, 2008

At his crib

Dustin is not used to it to sleep on his crib alone. We took out his crib when he was 11 months old, its hard at first because he screams a lot. He don’t want to be on his crib. His hurting himself because he hit his head on the crib. It makes me worried you know and I tell Mike maybe he is not ready to sleep on his crib and we just need to let him sleep in our bed if he always does that. Mike told me just let him cry and scream because if he get tired then he will go to sleep. If we being consistent then he will learn how to sleep on his crib alone. Its hard for me because it makes me cried also every time I heard him crying. Mike just laugh at me sometimes and always telling me not to worry about because Dustin will be okay and he will sleep when he get tired. But I say when? If he cant breath because his crying all the time? He looks so horrible that time, that’s why I take Dustin on his crib and let him sleep on our bed then tomorrow I will try again if he still the same. But after few days he get used to it though and im so thankful for that at least its not hard for me to put him on sleep at his crib because if its nap time already, I just put him on the crib and shake the crib for a while and then he will go to sleep after.

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