Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Busy baby...

At his 6 months old age, he starting to crawl, every time I make him sit? he always fall. So I make it sure that I put a pillow on each side so that he wont get hurt when he fall. He loves to grab any kind of toys especially if its colorful and those toys that have sounds too. So at the age of 6 months, that the time that he is in the middle of one of the most exciting periods of infancy. Sometimes Dustin concentrate on trying to creep, his making a lot of noise hehe. That was so cute every time I heard him trying to talk but he cant still talk at his early age. When I put him on the floor, you will noticed that after few minutes you will see him moving and trying to crawl everywhere. Baby at that age is really curious in everything. Just like Dustin when he starting to learn how to crawl. He loves to go to the TV and push the button in there. It makes me worried of course because maybe he will going to hurt him self or maybe he will get electric with the plug. So Mike make it sure that all the plugs are covered and those sharp things need to be away especially if I am cooking in the kitchen. But he cant do anything because sometimes I locked him on his high chair and give him some snack so that he can enjoy himself chewing the food I am giving him. Well, he has already teeth so im trying to give him some solid food. At first he don’t like it but he loves to chew anything hehe.

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