Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Climb on the Stairs...

At the age of 10-12 months old Dustin is very hyper and energetic boy. He is crawling everywhere. When you put him on the living room, after few minutes you will find him on the bedroom or in the kitchen. One time while im washing the dishes and I put him in our living room and give him lot of toys to play but when I came back, he is not there anymore and I was wondering where he is and I remember right away that the door upstairs is open and im very scared that time because im thinking maybe he climbed upstairs. Well.. I am right! Because you know what? He is already upstairs! I cant believe how fast he can climbed up there but it really makes me worried a lot, how if he fall? how if something happen to him while im washing the dishes? I will really blame myself for letting the door open. I was forgot to close the door and put the gate in there but im so glad nothing is happen. He is so happy when he reach the top of the stairs. He is looking down and he is laughing when he see me. Silly little kid makes me worried so much. Mike will going to kill me if something happen to Dustin so after that I make it sure that the door upstairs is closed and has a gate on it.

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