Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dustin first teeth

I think Dustin had his first teeth when he was about 5 months old. Because I can remember the time when we went for a long trip going to Michigan, because he is drawling a lot that time. I need to wipe his mouth every now and then. He tried to chew my finger one time and its hurt because I already feel the teeth coming out on his lower gums. I think he had a fever that time when his tooth came out. I gave him baby Tylenol for his fever and im glad because his fever is gone after 2 days. God… I cant even sleep that time thinking about that my little baby has fever and sick. His always crying at night and it bothers Mike so much because he has work early in the morning and he needs to wake up early. But what can I do? Kids are crying when they feel hurt, but of course as a first time mom its really hard to see your baby crying all the time. It makes me cry too when I see him crying. So what did I do? I sleep on Dustin’s room and close the door so that his daddy won’t hear him crying. I keep nursing him every 2-3 hours, and im glad it helps to make him go back sleep and feel better because his mama is here with him. I love to cuddle him all the time and to see him very peaceful sleeping on the bed, makes me feel better too because at least his fever is gone and after a day he become so active and happy that loves to play and chew everything he see hehe.

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