Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dustin second hike...

When Dustin is 6-7 months, Mike and I decided to go for a family hiking at one of the abandon place near in Vail somewhere, I forgot the name of that road. We bring Cocao with us (our pitbull), its not a tough hike because the road is only going straight up. But I was really tired that time, I cant hardly catch my breath hehe, I always stop to take a rest and catch my breath. Dustin been good boy because you know what? He is just sleeping on the backpack where you can put the baby on your back. Mike carrying him all the way to the top, I am sure Mike is really tired that time when we reach the hill. We took some pictures of course, we found an abandon mine and abandon house, I think that was about 1980’s house. Maybe Indian people live there, I don’t know. It only takes about half hour to reach the top but when we get there? We grab something to eat and have some snack because I am really thirsty, hungry and tired that time. We never stay too long, we seen some other old couples too there, hiking and some young couples. It seems like they went to the top, but we never do it because I think we cant make it though especially that we have baby with us. Maybe next time if we can come back there again.

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