Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dustin when he was 3 months old...

I noticed that when Dustin is 3 months old? He started to lift her chest up a bit, his head is much less wobbly and he tried to push outward with his feet too as though he’s trying to bounce. He loves it every time I talk and play with him with his little colorful toy, he cries when I left her alone on his basset, he always love to see me and his happy every time I kissed and tickle him. I love the feeling every time he hold my fingers, they have such a cutie little hands, soft and its very sensitive.

I remember when I put him on our carpeted floor, I also put a big blanket with it but at his age? His really moving a lot, he tried to crawl, pushing himself outward and when I check on him his already outside the blanket. So I need to carry him back to the blanket and give him colorful toys, because he likes colorful things. You can see on their eyes how interested they are on that colorful objects. He tried to put it on his mouth sometimes that’s why I always keep an eye on him. I nursed him every 3-4 hours, I tried to give him bottle milk but he still refused it so I give up. I like it when he is in my arms because he is very calm and peaceful. He can sleep right away, he is such a good baby.

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