Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The First Month...

The first month is really great especially when I see him responding physically. He will stare something but wont reach for it, can look sideways with eyes to view an object, fingers are pried open, he can grasp toys. His arm, leg and hand movements are jerky and uncontrolled. He can makes eye contact already that time and he response a lot when he hears human voices especially when I called him with his name, he respond right away that he wants me to carry him. I know babies like on his first month age can recognizes mother’s voice and smell, which he remembers from before birth. Everytime he cries, I will just pick him up and sing a lullaby then he will be quiet already and ready to go sleep. He never give me hard time, he only cries if he is hungry, hurt or not feel good but he is such a happy baby, he loves to play especially when he started see things, he smiled and laugh a lot.

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