Friday, March 14, 2008

First trip to Michigan

When Dustin is 5 months old, we decided to go for a long trip to Michigan. We will visit Mike’s family there especially Dustin’s Grandma. I know Mike mom are really excited to see Dustin. That is Dustin first trip ever. He is really been a good boy because he don’t cry so much while were on the car. He is so quiet at his car seat, he loves to sleep on the car. After I feed him for breakfast, lunch and his dinner he just fall asleep. I always transfer at the back seat to change him diaper and feed him, I keep nursing him every 2-3 hours. I am so thankful because even though I don’t have a big breast but I make a lot of milk with it, just enough for my little one.

We arrived safe in Michigan. I meet Mike’s mom for the first time and im so happy because I can get along with them and they like me already for our first met. Mike’s mom is really happy to see his grandson Dustin. She loves to play with Dustin and make him laugh. We take a lot of photos on that time, its very memorable. We stay there for about 2 weeks, not so bad! For 2 weeks vacation in Michigan, we really had a great time. We visit beautiful places in Michigan and go for a ride. It’s a long trip but its really worth it.

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