Friday, March 14, 2008

Getting to know me tag...

Got this tag from Joy, thank you joy for sharing this tagged.

I AM… always want to be myself, not fake and always friendly
I WANT…to travel the world before i die and give my mom a better life.
I HAVE… a loving husband a lovable son that i always treasure in my life. I have also my family and friends that always there for me.
I WISH…that i give a better future for my son and give better life to my mama.
I HATE...crimes, wars and everything that is bad!
I FEAR… that i could lost my loveones.
I SEARCH…for more opps for the day hehe :-)!
I WONDER…why lots of people are not happy right now.
I REGRET…what i do for my past.
I LOVE…everyone especially my son, mike, my family and all my friends out there.
I ALWAYS…try to be happy and always think positive.
I AM NOT…perfect, i can do mistake sometimes but i try to changed.
I DANCE…oh yeah, thats my thing. I love dancing since when i was a kid. I SING…especially when i have the microphone, even my voice is not as good as professional singers but at least i try hehe :-).
I CRY....when i get hurt, when i saw sad movies or if i see someone who is crying especially if its my loveones.
I WRITE…anything that comes to mind.
I WON…a trophy! that is Dustin my little trophy hehe
I AM CONFUSED…sometimes
I NEED…to finish my tasked and cook dinner for tonight.
I SHOULD…try to be in hurry now because i am run out of time.

I am passing this tag to Janet, Weng, Debs, Laradee, Elaine and Switz Pinay.

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