Friday, March 14, 2008

His first baby food...

When Dustin is about 3-4 months old im starting giving him baby cereal. First he don’t like it but the more im giving him apple sauce and some baby cereal he starting to get used to it. It is fun to watch them eating. After I feed him cereal I nursed him and put him into his basset so that he can sleep. Their is no day that I never play with him. I put him on his aquarium swing while im doing my stuff in the house like cleaning and cooking, he likes to be in that swing, grandma gave that swing as a gift for Dustin. Everytime I put him in the swing, you can see right away how happy he is because he is laughing and enjoying every time he hears the music and see those colorful light. Its kind a new to them, he tried to reach the colorful light too. I always read him book every night also before he go to bed. So feeding him is not that hard, as a parents we just need to be patience.

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