Thursday, March 27, 2008

His Walking!

When the time that Dustin feel like he is ready to walk, he just don’t want to stop. He walk and walk around the house but still he walk tip toe. Its funny because he woke when we have visitors in the house. He is so happy that he did, I take video of him with that but I forgot to upload it in you tube or google videos. Wish I have that video so that I can still see the first time he walk that time. He is cutie, I am so happy to see him walking and he is really excited and feel curious about everything when he learn how to walk. After that he always fall and it takes about 2 month before he walk again. He start walking when he is 12 months then after 14 months, he is very independent now because he knows that he can walk already so I bring him to our backyard and let him walk by itself. He did good so far, he fall sometimes but he tried to stand up and continue walking.

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