Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How about the Sleep Time on the second month?

On his sleeping time at night? Well he sleep about 4-5 hours at night, so I only woke up about 2-3am. When he woke up I nursed him for few minutes and he go back to sleep after. It said that when the baby reached 11 lbs and overcome early digestive difficulties, he may sleep as long as six hours by the sixth week and by the end of the month he will probably be sleeping a bit longer than that. Dustin sleep 5-6 hours when he is 2 months or 3 months I think. I cant remember that was long time ago hehe. I always watch him all the time and change his position on his sleeping because mostly he too much sleeping in one position. I don’t want that his head will get flat if he sleep on his back all the time. Sleeping in one position can actually flatten a part of baby’s head and I don’t want to happen with Dustin. He has a nice round shape head and its really cute. I let him sleep also with his stomach but of course I need to watch him all the time because maybe he can’t breath or cant move his head. But I was really surprised because at his early age, he is strong because he can move his head while his sleeping on his stomach. I noticed it every an hour when he change his head position.

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