Saturday, March 29, 2008

Moving for the second time...

Moving for the second time is very stressful but it was good though because not like when we move from Silverthorne to Grand Junction, we really had a long drive that time its about 3 and a half drive. Now? Its only takes about 10-15 minutes. One month before our moving, I packed all the things we need and separate everything in one box. We have extra box that time so we don’t need to buy boxes to packed all our things and belongings. While Mike at work, I am staying in the house busy packing. Dustin help me to packed too hehe. Well he is not really helping but seeing him playing and having fun doing his stuff, I am happy with it and all my tiredness are gone every time I see my little baby. Our moving went very smooth and before we move of course Mike wants to get a mastiff puppies so we drove up to Denver and La Junta to get a male and female mastiff. He has plan to breed them and they are 1 year old this time, they are growing a lot. Dustin is 16 months old when we moved to our new house. He really changed a lot too, he is very curious in everything and he likes to explore. But we missed the park a lot because the time when we still live in the house we rented at Chipeta Avenue. The park is only 1 block away from the house, here in our new house? We need to drive to go to the park and hopefully this coming Spring we can go to the park and let Dustin play in there.

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