Monday, March 10, 2008

New born Dustin

When i arrive here in the States, i am 8 months pregnant that time. Its kind a hard because i am traveling alone. But i have to, just to be with my love. Some of the airlines dont want me to travel because they are scared maybe i will labor the baby on the plane but i told them i am 8 months and my doctor said i am safe to travel. I bring all my papers and stuff and im glad because Air Philippines let me go unlike the Philippine Airlines they are very strict.

I arrive in Colorado safe, but i was really tired that time. But i am so happy because Mike pick me up at San Francisco Airport and we stay together at the Hotel for 1 night. I arrive December and i labor our first baby last January 2, 2005, its been 2 years ago but that moments is very memorable. I labor our first baby at Dillon Medical Center, he is 6lbs and 7ounces. He is breech thats why the doctor need to do CS-Section, i dont feel any pain at all, but when the time that i want to practice walking after 2 days, i felt the pain on my cs-section, it makes me cry but im glad they give me epidoral right away.
So here is the photo of my little one when he first come out hehe :-)

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