Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sitting Pretty

Dustin start sit down on his own when he was 7-8 months I think. That was really memorable because he start to crawl first and push himself upward then go hold on to the table and start pushing himself up but he ends up sitting down and he loves it of course, I love seeing him smiling and laughing every time he does that. He loves grabbing different kind of toys, we have 2 dogs that time and Dustin loves to sit down beside on our dog and its so cute to watch him with our doggies. He loves to play all his toys but of course he get easily destructed with the TV or with the music. He loves to explore different things, so I need to watch him all the time and make it sure that the door upstairs is lock or have a gate on it so that he cant go to the stairs. I try to destruct him specially if he get interested to those electronics stuff like TV, radio, alarm clock, telephone, etc. He likes electronics than his toys though hehe.

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