Friday, March 21, 2008

We are moving!

Last July 2006 Mike and I decided to move here in Grand Junction. He is sick with the weather there in Silverthorne. Winter time is really bad there, its always snowing all the time. I think Silverthorne have 6 months of winter unlike here in Grand Junction they only have 3 months of winter. What I like there in Silverthorne is that they have nice view, great scenery and very quiet place. But it’s a long drive going to downtown its about 30-35 minutes drive. Im always worried especially if Mike is at work, in case of emergency I think I am not sure what im going to do because I don’t know how to drive that time, our neighbor’s house is not that close and I even don’t see any people there. I only see few especially if we get our mail to the mailbox. Its 1 block away from the house. Every morning when I woke up I always look at the window and see if I can see people there but I don’t. I think they are all busy working and doing their stuff inside their house. Well 2 weeks before we moved to Grand Junction, we drove to Grand Junction and find houses to rent. We find the rental house that we like. Dustin is about 7 months old that time. Mike teach me how to drive before while where in Grand Junction. So im used to drive in highway not in downtown. We have 2 cars, escape and ford truck. I am the one who drive the ford truck because mike don’t want to go back again and get that truck. I am just following Mike while his driving the escape. Bandit is with him and Dustin and Cocao is with me. Im kind a nervous but im glad I did make it. We arrive in Grand Junction safe and mike told me that I did good for my driving.

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