Friday, March 21, 2008

We rent a house...

When we move to Grand Junction, we make it sure that someone will rent the house also so that its not too hard for us to pay the mortgage every month. We found a nice couple who are interested in our house in Silverthorne and they are willing to rent the house for 1 year or maybe more. We rented a house too here in Grand Junction. Before we buy a house we need to make it sure that we like the place and maybe after the 1 year rental contract, we will plan to buy a new house. Moving is very hard because you need to arrange everything again. Im glad because the moving company that we rented are very professional. They are really professional in packing all our things and im so glad because nothing get broken especially all those glasses and kitchen wares. It takes me about 1 week before I finished arranging all our things. I like our new house that we rent, its wood floor and its easy to clean. But I need to clean it everyday especially the floor because Dustin starting to crawl now and I want to make it sure that the floor is clean. It makes me mad every time I see dog’s hair on the floor but I can’t do anything because we have 2 dogs in our house. So every time Dustin crawling on the floor I still see dog’s hair on Dustin clothes. I met new friends in the neighbors and the good thing is we are near to the park its one blocked away from the house. it’s a walking distance also from City Market.

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