Saturday, March 29, 2008

What a relief...

Being here in our new house is really great. New place, new friends and new neighborhood. We need to move in other congregation also because instead of going to Appleton Congregation we end up going to Redlands Congregation. We try our best to go to the meeting every Sunday and book study on Thursday. I know its hard from the start because we just moved and I still need to arrange all the things here so it takes about 2-3 weeks before Im done arranging it all. That time we missed a lot of meeting but after that we try our best to be present and keep attending meeting. It helps a lot especially in our relationship. It helps to keep our relationship stronger everyday. Sometimes we have misunderstanding but we never forget to talk each other and ask for forgiveness if someone did mistake. Nobody’s perfect, especially that mike and I have language barrier and sometimes we really ends up of misunderstanding. Im still thankful that Mike has patience on me and I do too for him. I try my best to listen but sometimes.. I don’t know it just happen you know.

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