Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stronger Relationship

Now that this miscarriage thing happens, our relationship is getting more stronger than ever. Mike show me so much love and i am very overwhelmed with that. I love him so much and i am very thankful to have him in my life. He take a day off yesterday so that he can spend time with me. I try not to be upset yesterday, so we spend together, we go out and go to the mall. We buy dustin a new shoes, we let dustin play at the mall playground, we went to the Filipino store to buy some filipino products. We eat together and Mike help me cook for dinner, we watch tv together and i felt so good about it. Im happy because eventhough we lost the baby, our love to each other is always there and i think thats more important. Mike being at my side is really a big help to make me feel better. And last night when we go to sleep, he hug and kissed me. He is such a sweet lovable person, thats why i love him so much. When i woke up this morning, mike is not here anymore, he go back to work. I feel better now and feel at ease. Just need to relax and spend more time with Dustin :-)

Move on...

Move on is the best thing to do especially when this kind of things happen. We never expect this to happen but its God's will why this happen. No one can blame on this, my doctor said its not my fault, sometimes it happens when the baby is not developing enough or if there is some problems with the baby hormones. I am not the only one who have miscarriage i know there are many women's out there experienced miscarriage so i am not alone with this. It takes me 1-2 days to feel better. I already shed all my tears last Monday, im tired of crying and i think its not better if i always think about it. So we have to move on and start a new day with a great smile and be happy. Im still have Dustin with me so its okay. Better luck next time hehe :-)

Cramping and pain

Having a cramping and severe pain on your first trimester is not good because sometimes it ends up of miscarriage. Just like what happens to me. Last week my spotting started and after few days the spotting are increasing more. The dark brown blood becomes bright red and i feel like i have my menstrual period. I felt like having a dysmenorrhea that time, i feel very sick. My back is sore and my lower belly is hurt. The cramping is not so much heavy though but it worries me so much. I called my doctor right away and too bad because it was sunday when the cramping starts so i need to wait until monday to get hold on my doctor. We went to my doctor Monday at 11:30am and we got the bad news. We expect this baby so much, thats why its hurt for me at first to accept it, but we cant do anything about it. Instead of crying and be upset, i need to let it go and get back to normal. I will better give all my attention to mike and dustin instead of thinking about the baby we lost. We never lose hope and i know God has planned why we lost the baby. Maybe next time he will gave us a healthy baby girl :-)

We lost it!

Oh well... the results is very unacceptable, i was very shocked when my doctor told me that i have miscarriage and i lost the baby. When she checked my cervix and uterus, she couldn't see the baby anymore. All she can see is blood tissue, there is no sign of a baby inside of me. At first i cant believe it, im very emotional, it makes me cry to think about it but i cant do anything about it. So i need to move on and try to get back to normal again. Mike is very supportive, he always there with me, he even take a day off so that he can be with me that time after the check up last monday, then yesterday tuesday, he stay with me in the house and take care of me. He is so good and i love him so much. We never lose hope yet, so we will try again next time after 3 months :-) hopefully it will be a healthy baby :-)

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Im being too emotional today, i think its normal to feel this way if you are pregnant. About what happen today is very nerve racking and scary. Seeing blood on an early pregnancy is kind a new for me because i never had this one on my first pregnancy. I felt like i am having my menstrual period. I dont have cramping or any pain but im still thinking maybe not this day, maybe tomorrow or next other day? who knows! hope not! i am not ready with this and maybe its hard for me to accept it if we lose our 2nd child. :-(

Call a doctor...

When i woke up this morning, i was very worried because everytime i go pee, i always see a blood flowing, i call a doctor right away because i dont want to wait until tomorrow. Mike is at work so i am the one who call the doctor, when i dial the number it said the women's health care is close today because its sunday. The electronic voice answer the phone i need to press 1 if i am pregnant and press 5 if i have some questions about pregnancy. So i do that and im glad someone answered the phone, its a receptionist at the clinic and she told me that the doctor will call me back after few minutes because my Doctor is busy. She ask my phone number and full name so i wait for few minutes. I answer the phone right away when it rings. Dr. Norms calling me, its another doctor and i told her my situation and she said i dont need to worry about, if it getting worst and if i feel cramping and severe pain i need to go directly to the ER but if not? then tomorrow i need to call my nurse and let her know about what happen. I feel relief after i heard it, i dont feel any pain at all but still im so worried and scared. Makes me cried to think about it if i lose the baby. Maybe i cant accept it. I know many women experienced this but its hard to lose your baby if you already expected it right? what you think?

Bleeding during pregnancy

Last week i experience spotting, just little bit but everyday it increased more. The brown spotting turns into red and it start this past few days and i think yesterday is the worst. I dont feel any pain at all but it makes me worried because everytime i read an article about this matter, it makes me scared and upset. I dont want to lose this baby, i want to think positive in all these things.

Here are the things i've read about early pregnancy:
At the start of pregnancy, some women may have light bleeding (spotting or staining). This is called implantation bleeding and can happen when the fertilized egg becomes attached to the lining of the uterus. Some women may confuse this bleeding with a menstrual period. When there is doubt, a lab test can confirm you are pregnant. Many women who have bleeding have little or no cramping. In more than half of the women who bleed in early pregnancy, the bleeding stops and the pregnancy goes on to term. At other times, the bleeding and cramping become more heavy and strong, ending in miscarriage.

So it means i dont need to worry about as long i dont feel any pain or cramping. If its getting worst this week maybe i need to go to the ER and let my doctor knows about it. I have my first prenatal appointment this wednesday but i still need to call Bandie (my nurse) tomorrow and let her know my situation.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Morning Sickness...

I start my morning sickness after i eat my breakfast. Its kind a hard, so now i need to eat again. Makes me weak everytime i throw up though. This is my 3rd time to throw up. Dustin and I does and im wondering why he throw up also this morning. Hmmm i think i need to separate his food and my food. Its not good if he eat the food i am eating because maybe he will feel lazy and weak too like me. Mike drove by here this morning, he just bought dog food and milk because we run out of milk already. And last night, i always woke up in the middle of the night. I dont know why, but it seems like the time is moving so slow. I woke up so early at 5:00am, i go back to sleep but Dustin dont want to go back to sleep either hehe :-) He just wants to watch TV and wait until morning. Until now i still suffer back pain, i need to stretch and do exercise. I think back pain is normal for an early pregnancy. What you think?

My New Template

A quick update for the day! I am thinking to change my template into 4 columns. I like to have 4 columns templates because it has more space than 2 columns. I need to add blogroll again. Maybe i will just copy it to my other blog, its more easier and faster. Anyway, hope you like my new templates, thanks for visiting and nice to see you all here my fellow bloggers, happy blogging everyone!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Charity from dNeero-ites

Helping others is a good thing, and i love helping others of course especially when it comes to charity. I donate my earnings of this survey at American Cancer Society. I want to help those people who had cancer, so hope this one helps :-)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dustin throwing up...

Tonight after our dinner, we are getting ready to go for our tuesday meeting then suddenly Dustin throw up while im starting putting my make up on. I was very worried of him. He throw up all the food he eat for dinner. It seems like he dont feel good tonight. So mike and I decided not to go to the meeting because of Dustin. Maybe he eat so much or maybe his stomach was upset. I feed him again because i know he will get hungry after few hours. But Mike told me not giving him much food because maybe he will throw up again tonight. Well, hope not because i just wash our bed sheet hehe :-) So i gave him macaroni and cheese and a little bit of snack. Its 9:00pm already so its time to go bed and read his favorite book. Hopefully he wont throw up anymore tonight.

Is it spotting is normal?

Since last 2 weeks i experience a lot of spotting, it makes me worried because i feel like, maybe spotting is not a good thing you know. But i heard that spotting in early pregnancy is normal. I dont like it a lot because i need to make it sure that i wear pantiliners or else my underwear will get dirty. hehe :-) Sometimes i feel the cramping on my lower back. I have back pain too. I always feel sleepy all the time, but i dont want to go sleep hehe :-) If i sleep maybe i woke up late and wont prepare our dinner. Anyway, i research it online if spotting is normal and i found out that in early pregnancy, spotting is very normal. My spotting is color brown so they said its a good sign. If its brown or pink this is a good sign of pregnancy but if its bright red, you need to call your doctor right away. Here is the reason why we encounter spotting in our early pregnancy. "The endometrium builds up a thick bed of blood vessels and as the "blastocyst" implants, some blood is released from the uterine wall". And i read some of the articles also about this and they said bedrest is sometimes recommended for early spotting. Well... maybe i need to take my bedrest after dinner hehe :-)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dustin diaper is clean all day...

Wow, that was very surprising that Dustin didn't go pee on his diaper today. His diaper is clean all day so im really happy with that. I try to be consistent on potty training him. So every 2-3 hours i always bring him to the bathroom and let him go pee and he did good! I am so happy that he is start learning for potty training. Im just hope that it will continue, right now he is busy playing his toys, he get tired of playing outside. Its kind a windy outside too but he still love it to stay outside and play with his wagon. Mike is watering the plant while me here updating my 4 blogs. I dont have any tasked to do so its okay i can wait until they will give me more opps :-)

Need to saved!

Saving is a good thing to do, but how you can save your money if the prices are going up? Even the food are very expensive nowadays. You still need to spend and even you try to save the money, its hard! You need to spend it or else you will get starving and be on debt. Right now, Mike and I are planning to save this year, i dont know how but of course we need to slow down on spending things that we dont need so much. We need to cut off our bills, we need to cancel the membership that we dont use so much like the TV, we have cable and i think we need to take that away. Mike get a Filipino Channel but its not the one that i like. So we need to let go of that and we need to change our internet connection too because we pay a lot with our DSL. Maybe we can get verizon for a replacement. We need not to use so much electricity and hot water because it cost too much for our bills. There are many bills to think about especially that we have 2 mortgage that we need to pay and until now we still didn't pay the other mortgage because we are waiting until our house in Silverthorne will be sold. Hope someone will be interested in our house there and when that happens, its a big relief for us if we let go that house in Silverthorne. Its a pain in a butt to have a lot of bills hehe :-)

Make a shopping list...

Every weekend, I make it sure to make a list for our grocery shopping. But sometimes i always forgot to make a list because im get used to it to buy anything that we like in the store. But right now, we need to slow down on spending much for our grocery because we have lots of bills to pay. But still, we spend a lot for the grocery. Mike and I already talked about it to saved money this year but its hard. Im trying to keep track all the coupons but sometimes i always forgot to bring it with me. Well... maybe next time i need to remember to always bring the coupons with me so that we can save more for our next shopping. We buy new plants and trees also so that this weekend we will have something to do in our backyard. The cherry tree we have is already died. I think the dog chew it hehe :-)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Im craving corned beef and pancit canton from Pinas!

Yah this morning when i feel hungry, im craving for the food which we dont have here in Colorado. I am craving for corned beef, pancit canton and mango from Pinas! I ask mike if its possible to tell my parents from Pinas that maybe they can send me corned beef, pancit canton and mango via FedEx but Mike says maybe its too expensive. He ask me if Asian store here have corned beef and pancit canton but i think they dont have. Oh i remember we have a Filipino store here that we never visit it yet, he told me maybe i can give them a call and ask if they have corned beef, pancit canton and Philippine mango. Maybe this week we will try to visit the filipino store and see what they got. Its so hard to be pregnant especially if you craving something that you dont have. Ohhh too bad... wait i can eat some corned beef but i dont like hash corned beef here, it taste different than filipino corned beef hehe :-)

Nap time...

Dustin nap time is every 2:00-3:00pm in the afternoon. I always keep doing that everyday so that he will get used to it. He sleep about more than an hour or 2 hours. And its good because at least he can get enough sleep in the afternoon. At night he is really hyper and energetic. Last night, Mike ask me if Dustin is always like that in the afternoon like playing and running around and it seems like he never get tired of playing and i say "Yes" he is like that especially if he get enough sleep. He is growing and he is very curious in everything. My potty training for him went well but sometimes in the afternoon he forgot to go to the bathroom and sit down on his potty training bowl. He is good in the morning and at night. :-) So Dustin is sleeping this time taking his nap and me is busy doing my blog update. I was very upset also about what happen to my page rank because i lost it, google punished my blog and take my page rank away. Hopefully my page rank will come back after few months :-) will see what happen.

Dustin is talking a lot...

Dustin starting to talk a lot this past few days, he already learn how to say "mama mail", "outside", "where key?", "where dadda". So every morning he grab my hand and he wants his jacket to put on and his shoes. He wants to go out and pick up the mail and go walk around the block. He loves to do that everyday. He likes to play outside in our backyard, he has his wagon to play with, he put a lot of rocks and dirt on the wagon and he even dont want to come inside especially if its eating time. But when his daddy called him he listen right away because he dont want to be spankin. He likes to play the phone also and he always says "helo, where dadda?". Isn't that cute? i love watching him and listening to him when he is talking, i cant wait to hear him talking more and learn more words. I try to keep reading him books every night and im so happy that he learned a lot from his book, he even memorize all the pictures on it. He is smart boy! and im proud of him!

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy have many symptoms. If you encounter this symptoms so it means you are pregnant. So here are those pregnancy symptoms that you will going to have if you are pregnant.

1. Delay in menstruation.
- I always count the day when is my period will start and end. My period is normal, 28 days cycle and i always have it every month. I never missed any month for my menstruation so if ever i am pregnant i will know right away especially if my period delay for 1 week or more.

2. Implantation Bledding.
- First month of pregnancy you will encounter spotting as well as cramping. I do have spotting too so it means i am positive pregnant :-)

3. Tiredness and Fatigue.
- This past few weeks i feel really tired and lazy. I always want to lay down and not doing anything. My back is sore and i feel very weak. This is one of the early signs of pregnancy.

4. Swollen and Tender Breast.
- You will noticed that your breast will starting to get swollen and tender. I feel the same too, i feel like my breast standing up and it looks bigger to me hehe :-)

5. Backaches and Headaches.
- You will encounter a backaches and headaches too on your first month pregnancy. I think its normal because your body is responding and the sudden rise of your hormone can cause you to have headaches.

6. Morning Sickness.
- First or second month of your pregnancy. You will starting to feel the morning sickness. This mostly show up 2-8 weeks after conception. Some are experiencing a bad morning sickness like the one i have in my first pregnancy. But there are lucky mommies that dont feel throwing up or experiencing the nausea on their first pregnancy.

7. Food Cravings.
- I always feel hungry every 2-3 hours. I noticed that after i found out that im one month pregnant because my period delay for 1 week. On my first pregnancy i always craving banana, without it i always throw up and right now? im always craving with cheesecake and strawberry icecream. hehe :-)

8. Frequent Urination.
- You noticed that every 2-3 hours you will feel like going to the bathroom and go pee. At night i always wake up to go pee and i always feel like my bladder is always full.

9. Darkening of Areolas.
- You will noticed also that around on your nipples will starting to get dark. It may get darker if you are pregnant.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ocean's Eleven tagged...

Got tagged by Elaine. Thanks for sharing this tag elaine, this tag is really interesting :-) Thanks and have a great day!

Here it goes:
Name 11 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don’t read the questions underneath until you write the names of all the 11 people. This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first. No cheating.
1. Mike
3. Mayan
4. Marit
5. Sofia
6. Mama
7. Lee Seo Jin
8. Renee
9. Imee
10. Rosemarie
11. Khong

Now, its time to answer the following questions:
1. How did you meet #4?* In the Philippines, she's my friend.
2. What would you do without #6?* I feel sad of course because he is my mom. I love my mama so much.
3. What would you do if #2 and #6 were going out?* That is Dustin my son and my mama, i think its ok. My mama loves Dustin a lot, Dustin is her special grandson.
4. Who’s #10’s best friend?* I dont know who's rosemarie bestfriend. I met her online at friendster and she is from Philippines. (#5) Sofia is my bestfriend, she is my partner since were in highschool. We called together honey. But she is a girl ha hehe :-) (#3) She's my closest friend too, she is funny and bubbly.
5. Have you ever eaten around #1?* Yes of course, He is my one true love. He is my life and everything.
6. Do you miss #2?* Nope, not so much because he is with me all the time, Dustin is my 2 year old son.
7. Who is #11 dating?*He is my friend in the Philippines. He is a dancer and i think he dont need to date anyone because he is already taken and has 2 kids.
8. What do you think of #3?* Mayan is a nice friend of mine, i love everytime we go out together, we are very close friend.
9. What do you think of #9?* She is my sister, she is nice but sometimes she got the high temper hehe :-)
10. Who does #2 like?* Dustin like to play and he has passion with cars.
11. Would you marry #8? No, she is my bible study instructor. And who is number 5?* Sofia is my bestfriend, she got 3 kids already.

I would like to pass this tag to Liz, Janet, Lara, Rosemarie and Simpleyesa.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One month pregnant!

Last month, when one of our friend ask me if im pregnant or not, i answer her "No" i am not pregnant. But after 1 week when she ask me that i found out that im already 1 week delay for my period. So im thinking, hmmm maybe she is right. So i told Mike to buy a pregnancy test to make it sure if im pregnant or not. The first test is positive, but then Mike dont want to believe it. He wants me to wait another 1 week and try another test. And we did, the result is still the same. So yeah, she is right, i am 1 month pregnant! Mike believe the second test so he called a doctor to make an appointment for me for my first prenatal. Im excited about it and im so happy to have another one. I think it just in time because Dustin is already 2 years old and he needs someone to play with.

Potty training tips...

There are many tips for potty training but here are some of the tips that i want to share:

1. Use a special potty where your kids like.
- For us, we let Dustin choose his potty training and guess what? he likes that potty training bowl where you can hear a dancing music everytime you flush it.
2. Set a timer.
- I mostly bring Dustin on his potty training bowl every 2-3 hours. It helps a lot so that he can recognize his potty training bowl and he will get used to it.
3. Make him excited.
- I always make him feel excited everytime i show him his potty training bowl. I teach him how to take off his pants and diaper.
4. Make them feel proud.
- If he did good i praise him a lot, give him a hug and a kiss and let him do clap your house everytime he did pee on his potty training bowl.
5. Praise them or give them threats.
- Yeah, i gave Dustin a treat after he did pee and poop at his training bowl. I try to make him excited and happy all the time.
6. Make flushing fun.
- Dustin loves the sound of his potty training bowl especially if he flush it. He already know how to say "mama pee" and "Flush". And its nice, its a good thing that he learned it already.
7. Put him/her in Charge.
- If you think that they are ready for potty training then let them do it. As long they wont go pee on the floor hehe :-) just watch them and guide them. :-)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Potty training

We bought a potty training bowl for him because I think he is ready to do potty training. He is 2 years old already and its time for him to learn. At first its hard because he still don’t know how to take off his pants or short. He always forgot to go to the bathroom and sit down on his potty training bowl to go poop and pee. I try to keep doing it everyday. So far, he did good in the morning and at night. But in the afternoon he get lazy to go to his potty training bowl. But at least he already feel uncomfortable if he is wet or has dirty diaper. One time I saw him taking off his pants and diaper and he is naked that time. He already pee on his diaper and its full that’s why he take it off and get another diaper. He gave it to me and says “mama diaper”. So I know he wants to be changed and I always keep telling him that if ever he wants to go pee again then he needs to let me know or he can go to his potty training bowl and go pee there.

Weaning him for breastfeeding

At the age of exactly 2 years old, I decided to wean Dustin for nursing. I thought weaning him is hard because Dustin is really into it. That time he still never drink milk in a cup so I try to give him juice every time he wants to nursed. Every time he see me sitting down, he come up on me and want to nurse but I refused him, I stand right away and give him something else. I try to destruct him a lot, I think that really helps to wean him easily. We are both ready to do it and im so glad I did a good job. After 1 week of refusing him, he get used to it. He get used to it to drink water or juice and have some crackers and cookie for snack. At night before he go to bed I gave him some macaroni and cheese and giving him milk in a glass. He starting to sleep good at night without waking up in the middle of the night. He woke up at 5:30am and I transfer him in our bed and give him some milk. And also before he go to bed I keep reading him a story book that he like title “Are you my mother?” or a bible story book. He did a good job and im proud of him.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dustin when he is 2 years old...

We dont celebrate birthday's because Mike is jehovah's witness and they dont celebrate any occasions including birthdays, christmas, halloween or even valentines day. We always say thank you to God for giving us life and we are so thankful that Dustin is already 2 years old. We celebrate valentines and thanksgiving everyday, so we dont need to have a special date to celebrate it especially christmas. I think i like it this way at least i dont need to think about what i will going to prepare when his birthday comes. I know catholic people are really making it a big deal every birthday. But how about if you dont have money to spend? are you going to borrow money and have debt because you want to spend your son's birthday? The kids wont know, they are still young to know about birthdays. Even me, i dont celebrate birthday when i was in the Philippines. I only celebrate if i have money to spend if not then i just go to the church and say thank you to God. I was so happy that Dustin is already 2 years old, time went so pass, i can still remember when he was a baby. I cant wait to see him growing and become a big kid. I am sure he will be a good kid with lots of love and respect to all people around him :-) i am proud to be his mother!

Were home now!

Im glad we arrived home safe, its a long drive from Vegas to Grand Junction but that 3 weeks vacation we had was very memorable. I will never forget that moment, eventhough i never seen some of my friends but im happy because i seen my family and some of my friends visit me in the house. When we arrived here in grand junction, Mike and I are both tired especially him because he is the one whos driving. He never gave me a chance to drive though because he is scared, i dont like to drive in highway because there are many reckless driver all over maybe they will going to hit me or maybe i might hit them hehe :-) Dustin never gave us hardtime until we arrive, he is quiet and happy. Maybe when we come back again in the Philippines, Dustin is already 4-5 years old. I cant wait to come back again eventhough im not used to it with the weather there but im happy to see my family again :-) Its nice to come back to where you came from, the place where you grow up and the place where my family lived. I missed them all!

Friday, April 11, 2008

At the airport...

Dustin is sleeping when we arrived at the airport, its so hard for me to carry him around because he is heavy. So Mike is the one who fall in line and get the pass while me is just waiting for him in the sit with Dustin. Im still nursing Dustin that time, when he woke up he’s starting to move a lot, running and playing inside the airport while we are waiting for our flight. It went pretty good when we arrive in Manila and wait for a couple hours again. The plane stop in Vancouver, Canada Airport for fuel and we arrive in Las Vegas at 4-5:00pm. Im feel so tired and exhausted that time but im glad the we arrived safe in Las Vegas. We stay there overnight and in the morning we left Las Vegas and we arrive in Grand Junction, Colorado at 7:00pm.

Our vacation is over!

Our 3 weeks vacation is over so time to packed our bag and get ready to go back here in Colorado. Its kind a long flight but I think everything will be fine. Saying goodbye to my family is not that hard as what I thought. Im glad no one is crying and I my mom comes with us to the airport together with my brother-in-law. My sister didn’t come with us because she need to go to the school to pick up rosemeen his daughter. So well, time to say goodbye and I promised them that we will be back after 2-3 years and hopefully we can buy a new house for my mama and to us to stay there every time we visit them. I missed them all but I try to communicate with them everyday. Its nice to talk them everyday or once every 2 days you know… at least seeing my family on the webcam makes me feel better. As long they are all okay and in good health then I am happy with it. So I will see them again after 2-3 years.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I remember the one of the sweetest moment that happen in my life and that was when we have our family beach trip in Paradise Island, Davao. When we arrived there, Mike and I noticed that there is a group of people who serenading all the visitors in the beach resort. And one of the singer is our neighbor. I never expected that Mike will going to surprised me that time because he requested our favorite theme song to those group. Of course Mike gave them money for a tip. I am blushing that time because everyone are staring on us. Mike is so sweet that time because he also sing together with the band, he hug me and give me a kiss. He held my hand and tell me i love you. Isn't that sweet?
Mike request 3-4 songs i think and all songs that he requested are all my favorite song. It touches me so much, Mike always make me feel so special and im so happy because i found him. Dustin is sleeping that time so its good. He is so tired of playing in the water and in the sand. We all tired when we get home, i feel so sleepy and sticky too as well, so i need to take a cold shower and take a rest after while Mike and my brother-in-law are busy watching movies. We ordered Pizza for dinner so that my brother-in-law wont cook anymore because we all tired for the trip so it went pretty good. Everyone like Pizza but my family are not used to it to eat Pizza for dinner. hehe :-)

Dustin dont like the sand...

When we arrived at the Paradise Island beach resort, dustin always want me to carry him, he scared on the sand hehe :-) he is not used to it with the beach sand. He cry everytime i put him down and let him woke. I let Mike carry him because Dustin is heavy for me or sometimes my sister carry him. It takes about an hour before Dustin wants to walk in the sand and swim on the beach. He likes water a lot so i never had problem with that. He even dont want to get out in the water. He laugh a lot and he play with Reynen too. I took a lot of pictures of that moment and everyone enjoying our beach trip. We are looking forward to come back again in the Philippines and spend another 3 weeks vacation with them and next time maybe we can travel to Bohol and see some of our relatives there. Will see what happen when we come back after 2-3 years from now.

Family Beach Trip

At the 3rd week of September, thats the last week of our vacation. Its hard to leave my family but our stay is already over. But at least we had a chance to meet again and have fun with them. At the 3rd week, we decided to bring my family in Paradise Island and have a family beach trip. Too bad because some of my relatives cant go with us because Mike and I decided that this trip is only for my family. This is our second time visit to Paradise Island. We like that place a lot because the water is very clear and they have a little zoo too. Paradise Island is one of the popular tourist spots in the Philippines and also Pearl Farm but we never been there. Hopefully when we come back for our next vacation then we can visit Pearl Farm and bring my family too so that they can experience and see the nice Pearl Farm Beach Resort. The Beach trip was fun and im so happy to see my family having fun too and also Mike my love.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

My friends are visiting us!

All my longtime friends visit me in the house and it was nice to see them all. I missed them of course, its been a long time I never seen them but im glad they come over to the house to see us.
Dustin having fun, he always love to see the movie Cars and he is so quiet when he is watching that movie. He is just sitting down in front of the TV and being a good boy. He even don’t take any toys from other kids, he is waiting for his turn. So Mike and I decided to buy him toys so that he can play with himself and with Reynen too. He don’t like Reynen a lot, Reynen is a son of my cousin but my mom is the one who taking care of that little boy. But they become friends after.

We taking lot of pictures with them and its nice because they are having dinner with us. My brother-in-law cooked a good dinner for us and they buy also mango and pineapple for dessert.

The Second Week

After 2 weeks of stay, Mike and I decided to call a real estate so that we can look houses around the City. We see different houses but Mike don’t like the style. He never find the one that he’s looking for. Actually we are not planning to buy a house that year, we are just looking you know but some of the people who show us the house expect that we will going to buy a house that time but we refused them. Maybe we can buy a house after 2-3 years. Will see when we come back in the Philippines for our second time vacation. I never had a chance to visit some of my friends but im glad they come over to the house to see us. Its hard to go to some of my friends house especially that Mike and Dustin is here so if I want to go somewhere, I need to bring them both, because I know Mike don’t want me to go alone. We sing Videoke in the house and spend more time with my family.

Our 1st Week Vacation...

Our first week vacation in the Philippines was great. Dustin is the center of the attention in our village, all the young kids there are want to play with Dustin and they are happy to see us too of course. Too bad because Dustin is sweating a lot, even though I already wipe his head and his back but still the sweat are all over him. Dustin is not used to it for the hot humid weather not like here in Colorado, we have hot dry weather here and Dustin experience the 4 seasons. He get sick for the first week stay, he got runny nose and fever. But im glad he feel better after 2 days. We stay in my mom’s house. Our house is small so we are very crowded there especially in sleeping but im glad my sister let us sleep on the bedroom. We only have 1 bedroom so my family sleep in the living and at the hole way. Mike and I bought a foam bed so that we don’t need to sleep on the floor and it helps a lot for Dustin you know so that he can sleep well at night.
We go out with my family, eat in the restaurants and go shopping at the mall too. It was fun and im so happy to be home!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Arrival...

When we arrive in Davao airport, I feel very happy and excited because at last I will going to see my family. Dustin is really happy too, he is running and playing while were waiting for our luggage, everyone out there wants to help us carry our things, they are looking forward to get a big tip from Mike. I can also see my family waiting outside in the airport. It takes long time to get our luggage we need to wait a couple minutes and when we got our luggage we go out right away and be happy to see my family! Mike carry Dustin on his shoulder and everyone is staring on us. Well of course I hug my mama and my sister, hmmm it seems like something change hehe. They look so dark to me, and the weather there are very hot and humid. Im already sweating when we go outside the airport. We decided to get a taxi because some van driver there are asking too much, we don’t have our own car and we don’t any service so we just got taxi that time. It went well, we are all fit to one taxi, Mike is sitting in the front, my mom, my sister, my sister husband and me are fit on the back sit hehe, it was so crowded and I let Dustin sit on my lap. It was funny because Dustin is not moving, he is just moving his eyes and maybe he is wondering who are those person sitting because me. He is so quiet that time and shy but after that his shyness go away and he let my sister carry him.

The Wait is Over!

The wait is over! Because right now we are packing all our things, ready for our 3 weeks vacation in the Philippines. I missed my family and its nice to be back home. I know it’s a long flight but I don’t care as long we will arrive safe in Davao airport. We leave September 2nd and we arrived in Davao airport September 3. It was a long long flight, Dustin feel terrible that time because that is his first time to be on the plane and he is not used to it. I think his ear is hurting when the plane stop in Canada. He is screaming and cry a lot for almost an hour. I never had enough sleep that time because im worried of him and I feel pity to my little one. But I cant do nothing about it because he needs to be on his sit and put the sit belt on. He don’t like sit belt, he try to take it off but he cant that’s why he is crying many times. But after that he fall asleep though, he get tired of crying. We arrive in Manila at 4-5:00am and we transfer to the other plane at 7:00am, Manila to Davao.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our Car Engine blow-up

While were driving home from Las Vegas to Grand Junction, our car engine blow up. We are so worried that time but im glad its still 3:00pm in the afternoon. There are few people stop and help us, they tried to contact someone who can tow our car going back to Grand Junction but too bad because they have no signal on that area. Mike need to walk a little bit further to get a signal but he still never got signal. We are so thankful for that guy who gave us water and they help us to get out on that area. We stop in cedar grove I think, I forgot the name of that little town, we stay there for about an hour and hoping that they can fix our car but they said it takes about a month before they can fix it so we decided to rent a U-Haul van to tow our car going back home to Grand Junction. It was raining so bad that time, but im glad we arrive in Grand Junction safe. We arrive at quarter to 12midnight. I was really tired and im glad Dustin been good boy he just sleep on his car seat and eat his snack, he never gave us hard time and he did good so far!

Went to Las Vegas for second time...

I was very excited because Mike want to go back in Las Vegas to spend 2 nights and 3 days. At last we can have a chance to look around and go to nice places in Vegas. As usual we drove up there for about 8 hours. We leave same time at 6:00pm Friday after Mike’s work then we arrive at 2:00 am in the morning. In the morning after we eat breakfast we went to store and buy some snacks. Then look around in the City, in the afternoon we decided to go to Hoover Dam. That was really nice view out there, im glad we go to Hoover Dam but too bad because it was too hot that time, its about 104 degrees. We never stay too long though, we just took picture and see how big Hoover Dam is and im so thankful because I see the most popular tourist spots in Las Vegas. Then for our 2 days stay, we went to “Miracle Mall”. That was a great mall, it seems like you are outside but you are inside because you see the clouds and sky paintings above, you can hear the thunder and storm. They have wishing pond there where you can hear the thunder and storm and its raining too! Hehe.. That was amazing, I took video for that but I forgot to upload it in you tube videos because it has a big file so I cant download it. We saw a dancing fountain show, we saw lot of Casino around but we never tried play casino because its not Mike’s thing and even me I don’t know how to play it. Our stay in Las Vegas is done so we drive home.

At the Pool

Dustin really love to be in the pool. He even don’t like to get out on the water, every time I take him out on the water, he cry and push himself back to the water. He is 19 months old that time and he really enjoy every moment that he is in the water. He is very excited and even the water is kind a cold but it doesn’t bother him anymore. Maybe he remember the first time he went to the pool when we visit Mike’s mom in Michigan. Near in the townhouse where Mike’s mom lived, they have a clubhouse there where all the people in the village can go there and swim in the pool. I took video of that moment and im so happy to see Dustin enjoyed swimming as well his daddy. This is the video where we Mike, Dustin and I swim together in the Pool and that video taken at Comfort Inn Hotel last August when we went to Las Vegas for the first time.

Went to Las Vegas

August 2007, we went to Las Vegas and stay there overnight. We just want to familiarize the city and find the Airport so that in case when we can go back there before our flight going to the Philippines, we already know what Hotel we will going to stay that is near in Las Vegas airport. That is my first time to go to Vegas, it was very overwhelming especially the lights and the buildings. We drove there for about 8 hours from Grand Junction to Las Vegas. Its kind a long drive, but im glad we arrived safe. We leave at 6:00pm and we arrive at 2:00am in the morning. I was very surprised when we arrive in Las Vegas because the city is busy, even in the middle of the night, its still traffic. It seems like all people out there are not sleeping, everyone is still awake and busy gambling and enjoy the nightlife in Vegas. We never had a chance to go to some nice places in Vegas because when we arrive at 2:00 am in the morning we go directly to our Hotel and go to sleep because we really tired for our 8 hours trip. In the morning we find a place to eat breakfast then look around and find the Airport. Im glad we find the airport right away it just 3-5minutes away from our Hotel. Then we had a chance to spend time together at the pool because the Hotel has indoor pool so we decided to spend time on the pool before we go home. In the afternoon we start driving home and too bad because we never enjoy so much our stay in Vegas but Mike promise me that at the end of the month of August we will come back to Vegas and stay there for 2 nights and 3 days.