Saturday, April 5, 2008

My friends are visiting us!

All my longtime friends visit me in the house and it was nice to see them all. I missed them of course, its been a long time I never seen them but im glad they come over to the house to see us.
Dustin having fun, he always love to see the movie Cars and he is so quiet when he is watching that movie. He is just sitting down in front of the TV and being a good boy. He even don’t take any toys from other kids, he is waiting for his turn. So Mike and I decided to buy him toys so that he can play with himself and with Reynen too. He don’t like Reynen a lot, Reynen is a son of my cousin but my mom is the one who taking care of that little boy. But they become friends after.

We taking lot of pictures with them and its nice because they are having dinner with us. My brother-in-law cooked a good dinner for us and they buy also mango and pineapple for dessert.

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