Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Arrival...

When we arrive in Davao airport, I feel very happy and excited because at last I will going to see my family. Dustin is really happy too, he is running and playing while were waiting for our luggage, everyone out there wants to help us carry our things, they are looking forward to get a big tip from Mike. I can also see my family waiting outside in the airport. It takes long time to get our luggage we need to wait a couple minutes and when we got our luggage we go out right away and be happy to see my family! Mike carry Dustin on his shoulder and everyone is staring on us. Well of course I hug my mama and my sister, hmmm it seems like something change hehe. They look so dark to me, and the weather there are very hot and humid. Im already sweating when we go outside the airport. We decided to get a taxi because some van driver there are asking too much, we don’t have our own car and we don’t any service so we just got taxi that time. It went well, we are all fit to one taxi, Mike is sitting in the front, my mom, my sister, my sister husband and me are fit on the back sit hehe, it was so crowded and I let Dustin sit on my lap. It was funny because Dustin is not moving, he is just moving his eyes and maybe he is wondering who are those person sitting because me. He is so quiet that time and shy but after that his shyness go away and he let my sister carry him.

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