Tuesday, April 1, 2008

At the Pool

Dustin really love to be in the pool. He even don’t like to get out on the water, every time I take him out on the water, he cry and push himself back to the water. He is 19 months old that time and he really enjoy every moment that he is in the water. He is very excited and even the water is kind a cold but it doesn’t bother him anymore. Maybe he remember the first time he went to the pool when we visit Mike’s mom in Michigan. Near in the townhouse where Mike’s mom lived, they have a clubhouse there where all the people in the village can go there and swim in the pool. I took video of that moment and im so happy to see Dustin enjoyed swimming as well his daddy. This is the video where we Mike, Dustin and I swim together in the Pool and that video taken at Comfort Inn Hotel last August when we went to Las Vegas for the first time.

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