Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bleeding during pregnancy

Last week i experience spotting, just little bit but everyday it increased more. The brown spotting turns into red and it start this past few days and i think yesterday is the worst. I dont feel any pain at all but it makes me worried because everytime i read an article about this matter, it makes me scared and upset. I dont want to lose this baby, i want to think positive in all these things.

Here are the things i've read about early pregnancy:
At the start of pregnancy, some women may have light bleeding (spotting or staining). This is called implantation bleeding and can happen when the fertilized egg becomes attached to the lining of the uterus. Some women may confuse this bleeding with a menstrual period. When there is doubt, a lab test can confirm you are pregnant. Many women who have bleeding have little or no cramping. In more than half of the women who bleed in early pregnancy, the bleeding stops and the pregnancy goes on to term. At other times, the bleeding and cramping become more heavy and strong, ending in miscarriage.

So it means i dont need to worry about as long i dont feel any pain or cramping. If its getting worst this week maybe i need to go to the ER and let my doctor knows about it. I have my first prenatal appointment this wednesday but i still need to call Bandie (my nurse) tomorrow and let her know my situation.

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