Sunday, April 27, 2008

Call a doctor...

When i woke up this morning, i was very worried because everytime i go pee, i always see a blood flowing, i call a doctor right away because i dont want to wait until tomorrow. Mike is at work so i am the one who call the doctor, when i dial the number it said the women's health care is close today because its sunday. The electronic voice answer the phone i need to press 1 if i am pregnant and press 5 if i have some questions about pregnancy. So i do that and im glad someone answered the phone, its a receptionist at the clinic and she told me that the doctor will call me back after few minutes because my Doctor is busy. She ask my phone number and full name so i wait for few minutes. I answer the phone right away when it rings. Dr. Norms calling me, its another doctor and i told her my situation and she said i dont need to worry about, if it getting worst and if i feel cramping and severe pain i need to go directly to the ER but if not? then tomorrow i need to call my nurse and let her know about what happen. I feel relief after i heard it, i dont feel any pain at all but still im so worried and scared. Makes me cried to think about it if i lose the baby. Maybe i cant accept it. I know many women experienced this but its hard to lose your baby if you already expected it right? what you think?

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