Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cramping and pain

Having a cramping and severe pain on your first trimester is not good because sometimes it ends up of miscarriage. Just like what happens to me. Last week my spotting started and after few days the spotting are increasing more. The dark brown blood becomes bright red and i feel like i have my menstrual period. I felt like having a dysmenorrhea that time, i feel very sick. My back is sore and my lower belly is hurt. The cramping is not so much heavy though but it worries me so much. I called my doctor right away and too bad because it was sunday when the cramping starts so i need to wait until monday to get hold on my doctor. We went to my doctor Monday at 11:30am and we got the bad news. We expect this baby so much, thats why its hurt for me at first to accept it, but we cant do anything about it. Instead of crying and be upset, i need to let it go and get back to normal. I will better give all my attention to mike and dustin instead of thinking about the baby we lost. We never lose hope and i know God has planned why we lost the baby. Maybe next time he will gave us a healthy baby girl :-)

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