Friday, April 18, 2008

Dustin is talking a lot...

Dustin starting to talk a lot this past few days, he already learn how to say "mama mail", "outside", "where key?", "where dadda". So every morning he grab my hand and he wants his jacket to put on and his shoes. He wants to go out and pick up the mail and go walk around the block. He loves to do that everyday. He likes to play outside in our backyard, he has his wagon to play with, he put a lot of rocks and dirt on the wagon and he even dont want to come inside especially if its eating time. But when his daddy called him he listen right away because he dont want to be spankin. He likes to play the phone also and he always says "helo, where dadda?". Isn't that cute? i love watching him and listening to him when he is talking, i cant wait to hear him talking more and learn more words. I try to keep reading him books every night and im so happy that he learned a lot from his book, he even memorize all the pictures on it. He is smart boy! and im proud of him!

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