Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dustin throwing up...

Tonight after our dinner, we are getting ready to go for our tuesday meeting then suddenly Dustin throw up while im starting putting my make up on. I was very worried of him. He throw up all the food he eat for dinner. It seems like he dont feel good tonight. So mike and I decided not to go to the meeting because of Dustin. Maybe he eat so much or maybe his stomach was upset. I feed him again because i know he will get hungry after few hours. But Mike told me not giving him much food because maybe he will throw up again tonight. Well, hope not because i just wash our bed sheet hehe :-) So i gave him macaroni and cheese and a little bit of snack. Its 9:00pm already so its time to go bed and read his favorite book. Hopefully he wont throw up anymore tonight.

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