Friday, April 18, 2008

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy have many symptoms. If you encounter this symptoms so it means you are pregnant. So here are those pregnancy symptoms that you will going to have if you are pregnant.

1. Delay in menstruation.
- I always count the day when is my period will start and end. My period is normal, 28 days cycle and i always have it every month. I never missed any month for my menstruation so if ever i am pregnant i will know right away especially if my period delay for 1 week or more.

2. Implantation Bledding.
- First month of pregnancy you will encounter spotting as well as cramping. I do have spotting too so it means i am positive pregnant :-)

3. Tiredness and Fatigue.
- This past few weeks i feel really tired and lazy. I always want to lay down and not doing anything. My back is sore and i feel very weak. This is one of the early signs of pregnancy.

4. Swollen and Tender Breast.
- You will noticed that your breast will starting to get swollen and tender. I feel the same too, i feel like my breast standing up and it looks bigger to me hehe :-)

5. Backaches and Headaches.
- You will encounter a backaches and headaches too on your first month pregnancy. I think its normal because your body is responding and the sudden rise of your hormone can cause you to have headaches.

6. Morning Sickness.
- First or second month of your pregnancy. You will starting to feel the morning sickness. This mostly show up 2-8 weeks after conception. Some are experiencing a bad morning sickness like the one i have in my first pregnancy. But there are lucky mommies that dont feel throwing up or experiencing the nausea on their first pregnancy.

7. Food Cravings.
- I always feel hungry every 2-3 hours. I noticed that after i found out that im one month pregnant because my period delay for 1 week. On my first pregnancy i always craving banana, without it i always throw up and right now? im always craving with cheesecake and strawberry icecream. hehe :-)

8. Frequent Urination.
- You noticed that every 2-3 hours you will feel like going to the bathroom and go pee. At night i always wake up to go pee and i always feel like my bladder is always full.

9. Darkening of Areolas.
- You will noticed also that around on your nipples will starting to get dark. It may get darker if you are pregnant.

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