Sunday, April 27, 2008


Im being too emotional today, i think its normal to feel this way if you are pregnant. About what happen today is very nerve racking and scary. Seeing blood on an early pregnancy is kind a new for me because i never had this one on my first pregnancy. I felt like i am having my menstrual period. I dont have cramping or any pain but im still thinking maybe not this day, maybe tomorrow or next other day? who knows! hope not! i am not ready with this and maybe its hard for me to accept it if we lose our 2nd child. :-(


rojoy said...

HI Fe sorry to hear about your pregnancy the only thing I can tell you is pray and hoping nothing will happen to your baby. Think positive who know you are one of those pregnant mothers who needs a of bed a bed rest. Especially in your situation that you have Dustin to take care. I will pray for you and the baby.

Rosemarie said...

HI Fe hope you are okay now just keep on my mind that GOd has other plan to the baby that is why you lost it in the 1st semester of pregnancy.

Femikey said...

yah i know rose, thanks! i know god has planned thats why we lost the baby, but its okay d pa naman huli ang lahat, we can still try again after 3months :-)