Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is it spotting is normal?

Since last 2 weeks i experience a lot of spotting, it makes me worried because i feel like, maybe spotting is not a good thing you know. But i heard that spotting in early pregnancy is normal. I dont like it a lot because i need to make it sure that i wear pantiliners or else my underwear will get dirty. hehe :-) Sometimes i feel the cramping on my lower back. I have back pain too. I always feel sleepy all the time, but i dont want to go sleep hehe :-) If i sleep maybe i woke up late and wont prepare our dinner. Anyway, i research it online if spotting is normal and i found out that in early pregnancy, spotting is very normal. My spotting is color brown so they said its a good sign. If its brown or pink this is a good sign of pregnancy but if its bright red, you need to call your doctor right away. Here is the reason why we encounter spotting in our early pregnancy. "The endometrium builds up a thick bed of blood vessels and as the "blastocyst" implants, some blood is released from the uterine wall". And i read some of the articles also about this and they said bedrest is sometimes recommended for early spotting. Well... maybe i need to take my bedrest after dinner hehe :-)

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