Sunday, April 20, 2008

Make a shopping list...

Every weekend, I make it sure to make a list for our grocery shopping. But sometimes i always forgot to make a list because im get used to it to buy anything that we like in the store. But right now, we need to slow down on spending much for our grocery because we have lots of bills to pay. But still, we spend a lot for the grocery. Mike and I already talked about it to saved money this year but its hard. Im trying to keep track all the coupons but sometimes i always forgot to bring it with me. Well... maybe next time i need to remember to always bring the coupons with me so that we can save more for our next shopping. We buy new plants and trees also so that this weekend we will have something to do in our backyard. The cherry tree we have is already died. I think the dog chew it hehe :-)

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