Friday, April 18, 2008

Nap time...

Dustin nap time is every 2:00-3:00pm in the afternoon. I always keep doing that everyday so that he will get used to it. He sleep about more than an hour or 2 hours. And its good because at least he can get enough sleep in the afternoon. At night he is really hyper and energetic. Last night, Mike ask me if Dustin is always like that in the afternoon like playing and running around and it seems like he never get tired of playing and i say "Yes" he is like that especially if he get enough sleep. He is growing and he is very curious in everything. My potty training for him went well but sometimes in the afternoon he forgot to go to the bathroom and sit down on his potty training bowl. He is good in the morning and at night. :-) So Dustin is sleeping this time taking his nap and me is busy doing my blog update. I was very upset also about what happen to my page rank because i lost it, google punished my blog and take my page rank away. Hopefully my page rank will come back after few months :-) will see what happen.

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