Sunday, April 20, 2008

Need to saved!

Saving is a good thing to do, but how you can save your money if the prices are going up? Even the food are very expensive nowadays. You still need to spend and even you try to save the money, its hard! You need to spend it or else you will get starving and be on debt. Right now, Mike and I are planning to save this year, i dont know how but of course we need to slow down on spending things that we dont need so much. We need to cut off our bills, we need to cancel the membership that we dont use so much like the TV, we have cable and i think we need to take that away. Mike get a Filipino Channel but its not the one that i like. So we need to let go of that and we need to change our internet connection too because we pay a lot with our DSL. Maybe we can get verizon for a replacement. We need not to use so much electricity and hot water because it cost too much for our bills. There are many bills to think about especially that we have 2 mortgage that we need to pay and until now we still didn't pay the other mortgage because we are waiting until our house in Silverthorne will be sold. Hope someone will be interested in our house there and when that happens, its a big relief for us if we let go that house in Silverthorne. Its a pain in a butt to have a lot of bills hehe :-)

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