Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our 1st Week Vacation...

Our first week vacation in the Philippines was great. Dustin is the center of the attention in our village, all the young kids there are want to play with Dustin and they are happy to see us too of course. Too bad because Dustin is sweating a lot, even though I already wipe his head and his back but still the sweat are all over him. Dustin is not used to it for the hot humid weather not like here in Colorado, we have hot dry weather here and Dustin experience the 4 seasons. He get sick for the first week stay, he got runny nose and fever. But im glad he feel better after 2 days. We stay in my mom’s house. Our house is small so we are very crowded there especially in sleeping but im glad my sister let us sleep on the bedroom. We only have 1 bedroom so my family sleep in the living and at the hole way. Mike and I bought a foam bed so that we don’t need to sleep on the floor and it helps a lot for Dustin you know so that he can sleep well at night.
We go out with my family, eat in the restaurants and go shopping at the mall too. It was fun and im so happy to be home!

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