Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Family Beach Trip

At the 3rd week of September, thats the last week of our vacation. Its hard to leave my family but our stay is already over. But at least we had a chance to meet again and have fun with them. At the 3rd week, we decided to bring my family in Paradise Island and have a family beach trip. Too bad because some of my relatives cant go with us because Mike and I decided that this trip is only for my family. This is our second time visit to Paradise Island. We like that place a lot because the water is very clear and they have a little zoo too. Paradise Island is one of the popular tourist spots in the Philippines and also Pearl Farm but we never been there. Hopefully when we come back for our next vacation then we can visit Pearl Farm and bring my family too so that they can experience and see the nice Pearl Farm Beach Resort. The Beach trip was fun and im so happy to see my family having fun too and also Mike my love.

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