Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our Car Engine blow-up

While were driving home from Las Vegas to Grand Junction, our car engine blow up. We are so worried that time but im glad its still 3:00pm in the afternoon. There are few people stop and help us, they tried to contact someone who can tow our car going back to Grand Junction but too bad because they have no signal on that area. Mike need to walk a little bit further to get a signal but he still never got signal. We are so thankful for that guy who gave us water and they help us to get out on that area. We stop in cedar grove I think, I forgot the name of that little town, we stay there for about an hour and hoping that they can fix our car but they said it takes about a month before they can fix it so we decided to rent a U-Haul van to tow our car going back home to Grand Junction. It was raining so bad that time, but im glad we arrive in Grand Junction safe. We arrive at quarter to 12midnight. I was really tired and im glad Dustin been good boy he just sleep on his car seat and eat his snack, he never gave us hard time and he did good so far!

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