Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Potty training tips...

There are many tips for potty training but here are some of the tips that i want to share:

1. Use a special potty where your kids like.
- For us, we let Dustin choose his potty training and guess what? he likes that potty training bowl where you can hear a dancing music everytime you flush it.
2. Set a timer.
- I mostly bring Dustin on his potty training bowl every 2-3 hours. It helps a lot so that he can recognize his potty training bowl and he will get used to it.
3. Make him excited.
- I always make him feel excited everytime i show him his potty training bowl. I teach him how to take off his pants and diaper.
4. Make them feel proud.
- If he did good i praise him a lot, give him a hug and a kiss and let him do clap your house everytime he did pee on his potty training bowl.
5. Praise them or give them threats.
- Yeah, i gave Dustin a treat after he did pee and poop at his training bowl. I try to make him excited and happy all the time.
6. Make flushing fun.
- Dustin loves the sound of his potty training bowl especially if he flush it. He already know how to say "mama pee" and "Flush". And its nice, its a good thing that he learned it already.
7. Put him/her in Charge.
- If you think that they are ready for potty training then let them do it. As long they wont go pee on the floor hehe :-) just watch them and guide them. :-)

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