Monday, April 14, 2008

Potty training

We bought a potty training bowl for him because I think he is ready to do potty training. He is 2 years old already and its time for him to learn. At first its hard because he still don’t know how to take off his pants or short. He always forgot to go to the bathroom and sit down on his potty training bowl to go poop and pee. I try to keep doing it everyday. So far, he did good in the morning and at night. But in the afternoon he get lazy to go to his potty training bowl. But at least he already feel uncomfortable if he is wet or has dirty diaper. One time I saw him taking off his pants and diaper and he is naked that time. He already pee on his diaper and its full that’s why he take it off and get another diaper. He gave it to me and says “mama diaper”. So I know he wants to be changed and I always keep telling him that if ever he wants to go pee again then he needs to let me know or he can go to his potty training bowl and go pee there.

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