Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Second Week

After 2 weeks of stay, Mike and I decided to call a real estate so that we can look houses around the City. We see different houses but Mike don’t like the style. He never find the one that he’s looking for. Actually we are not planning to buy a house that year, we are just looking you know but some of the people who show us the house expect that we will going to buy a house that time but we refused them. Maybe we can buy a house after 2-3 years. Will see when we come back in the Philippines for our second time vacation. I never had a chance to visit some of my friends but im glad they come over to the house to see us. Its hard to go to some of my friends house especially that Mike and Dustin is here so if I want to go somewhere, I need to bring them both, because I know Mike don’t want me to go alone. We sing Videoke in the house and spend more time with my family.

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