Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I remember the one of the sweetest moment that happen in my life and that was when we have our family beach trip in Paradise Island, Davao. When we arrived there, Mike and I noticed that there is a group of people who serenading all the visitors in the beach resort. And one of the singer is our neighbor. I never expected that Mike will going to surprised me that time because he requested our favorite theme song to those group. Of course Mike gave them money for a tip. I am blushing that time because everyone are staring on us. Mike is so sweet that time because he also sing together with the band, he hug me and give me a kiss. He held my hand and tell me i love you. Isn't that sweet?
Mike request 3-4 songs i think and all songs that he requested are all my favorite song. It touches me so much, Mike always make me feel so special and im so happy because i found him. Dustin is sleeping that time so its good. He is so tired of playing in the water and in the sand. We all tired when we get home, i feel so sleepy and sticky too as well, so i need to take a cold shower and take a rest after while Mike and my brother-in-law are busy watching movies. We ordered Pizza for dinner so that my brother-in-law wont cook anymore because we all tired for the trip so it went pretty good. Everyone like Pizza but my family are not used to it to eat Pizza for dinner. hehe :-)

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