Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stronger Relationship

Now that this miscarriage thing happens, our relationship is getting more stronger than ever. Mike show me so much love and i am very overwhelmed with that. I love him so much and i am very thankful to have him in my life. He take a day off yesterday so that he can spend time with me. I try not to be upset yesterday, so we spend together, we go out and go to the mall. We buy dustin a new shoes, we let dustin play at the mall playground, we went to the Filipino store to buy some filipino products. We eat together and Mike help me cook for dinner, we watch tv together and i felt so good about it. Im happy because eventhough we lost the baby, our love to each other is always there and i think thats more important. Mike being at my side is really a big help to make me feel better. And last night when we go to sleep, he hug and kissed me. He is such a sweet lovable person, thats why i love him so much. When i woke up this morning, mike is not here anymore, he go back to work. I feel better now and feel at ease. Just need to relax and spend more time with Dustin :-)

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