Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Wait is Over!

The wait is over! Because right now we are packing all our things, ready for our 3 weeks vacation in the Philippines. I missed my family and its nice to be back home. I know it’s a long flight but I don’t care as long we will arrive safe in Davao airport. We leave September 2nd and we arrived in Davao airport September 3. It was a long long flight, Dustin feel terrible that time because that is his first time to be on the plane and he is not used to it. I think his ear is hurting when the plane stop in Canada. He is screaming and cry a lot for almost an hour. I never had enough sleep that time because im worried of him and I feel pity to my little one. But I cant do nothing about it because he needs to be on his sit and put the sit belt on. He don’t like sit belt, he try to take it off but he cant that’s why he is crying many times. But after that he fall asleep though, he get tired of crying. We arrive in Manila at 4-5:00am and we transfer to the other plane at 7:00am, Manila to Davao.

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