Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We lost it!

Oh well... the results is very unacceptable, i was very shocked when my doctor told me that i have miscarriage and i lost the baby. When she checked my cervix and uterus, she couldn't see the baby anymore. All she can see is blood tissue, there is no sign of a baby inside of me. At first i cant believe it, im very emotional, it makes me cry to think about it but i cant do anything about it. So i need to move on and try to get back to normal again. Mike is very supportive, he always there with me, he even take a day off so that he can be with me that time after the check up last monday, then yesterday tuesday, he stay with me in the house and take care of me. He is so good and i love him so much. We never lose hope yet, so we will try again next time after 3 months :-) hopefully it will be a healthy baby :-)

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