Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Went to Las Vegas for second time...

I was very excited because Mike want to go back in Las Vegas to spend 2 nights and 3 days. At last we can have a chance to look around and go to nice places in Vegas. As usual we drove up there for about 8 hours. We leave same time at 6:00pm Friday after Mike’s work then we arrive at 2:00 am in the morning. In the morning after we eat breakfast we went to store and buy some snacks. Then look around in the City, in the afternoon we decided to go to Hoover Dam. That was really nice view out there, im glad we go to Hoover Dam but too bad because it was too hot that time, its about 104 degrees. We never stay too long though, we just took picture and see how big Hoover Dam is and im so thankful because I see the most popular tourist spots in Las Vegas. Then for our 2 days stay, we went to “Miracle Mall”. That was a great mall, it seems like you are outside but you are inside because you see the clouds and sky paintings above, you can hear the thunder and storm. They have wishing pond there where you can hear the thunder and storm and its raining too! Hehe.. That was amazing, I took video for that but I forgot to upload it in you tube videos because it has a big file so I cant download it. We saw a dancing fountain show, we saw lot of Casino around but we never tried play casino because its not Mike’s thing and even me I don’t know how to play it. Our stay in Las Vegas is done so we drive home.

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