Saturday, April 12, 2008

Were home now!

Im glad we arrived home safe, its a long drive from Vegas to Grand Junction but that 3 weeks vacation we had was very memorable. I will never forget that moment, eventhough i never seen some of my friends but im happy because i seen my family and some of my friends visit me in the house. When we arrived here in grand junction, Mike and I are both tired especially him because he is the one whos driving. He never gave me a chance to drive though because he is scared, i dont like to drive in highway because there are many reckless driver all over maybe they will going to hit me or maybe i might hit them hehe :-) Dustin never gave us hardtime until we arrive, he is quiet and happy. Maybe when we come back again in the Philippines, Dustin is already 4-5 years old. I cant wait to come back again eventhough im not used to it with the weather there but im happy to see my family again :-) Its nice to come back to where you came from, the place where you grow up and the place where my family lived. I missed them all!

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